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Four New Quad Core Opterons from AMD

In latest bid to fight with Intel AMD launched new Quad core Opterons for server market.

AMD introduced its fastest quad-core opteron server chips. Two new AMD Opteron 2.4GHz and two new 2.5GHz parts. The 2.4GHz Opteron 2358 SE is priced at $873 on AMD’s Website, and the 2.5GHz 2360 SE, has a price tag of $1,165.

new amd quad core opteron processors

2.4GHz 8358 SE, priced at $1,865, and the 2.5GHz 8360 SE, which runs a cool $2,149.

“In the 2-socket space, we’re talking about the HPC folks, people doing genome-mapping for instance, where they need every last bit of clock speed and performance from each core,” said AMD server chip manager Steve Demski last week.

“In the 8-socket space, the demographic is customers doing the really intense number-crunching against those big enterprise databases.”

Demski said AMD expects Sun and Hewlett-Packard, who already offer 8-way servers built on previously released quad-core Opterons, to lead the way with new configurations featuring the 8358 SE and 8360 SE devices.



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