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Aquaguard Water Purifiers Price List 2014 :

New Aquaguard World Series :

Hot N ColdAquaguard Hot N Cold Price in India : Rs.27,990

  • Individual dispense buttons for selecting water tempearture
  • Hot and cold water purifier with enhanced purification technology
  • Firewall UV Purification technology for eliminating waterborne bacteria, virus and parasites
  • Infused with BioCote – a natural anti-microbial
  • Purification technology is placed at the water dispensing point to contaminate bacterias

Aquaguard GeneusAquaguard Geneus Price in India : Rs.21,990

  • Water purifier that suit your regular taste with mineral modulator
  • RO + UV/ UF + UV Technology
  • I-Cartridge removes the suspended particles from water before UF purification process
  • Ro Membrane reduces bacteria, heavy metals, virus, protozoa and pesticides
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • LED Display

Aquaguard FloAquaguard Flo Price in India : Rs.17,990

  • Water Purifier with a Firewall
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Firewall UV Technology for eliminating water-borne bacteria, virus and parasites
  • Purification technology is place at water dispensing area to contaminate bacteria caused by human contact
  • Automatically detects leaks in the machine

New Aquaguard Premium Series 

Aquaguard DuoAquaguard Duo Price in India : Rs.16,990
  • Cares you by giving safe water and protects you from diseases caused by bacteria and virus
  • Circulates water through UV disinfection for 5 minutes to purify water for 6 hours
  • Ensures self cleaning every minute for 2 hours
  • Enhances membrane life and keeps purifier working effectively
  • RO and UV technology
Enhance UVAquaguard Enhance UV Price in India : Rs.12,490
  • Protection should be stronger when contaminants are strong and advance
  • LED and Buzzer indicators halps you to identify stages of purification and storage
  • UV&UF technology gives you 6 stages purification to contaminate disease causing bacteria
  • Advance software to detect anamoly in UV system, and automatically shuts down water flow into the tank
  • 6-stage enhanced purification process
  • Purify and store water
AquaguardAquaguard Infinity Price in India : Rs.11,490
  • Purity needs to be protected every time
  • E-boiling+ technology safe and purify water doubly
  • Clarity cartridge for removing physical impurities
  • Intelligence Quotient Alert indicates you to replace e-boiling+ chamber or cartridge
  • Micro Controller Scan automatically scans and detects when electronic circuit needs attention
  • 3 stages of purification

New Aquaguard Expert Series 

Aquaguard BoosterAquaguard Booster Price in India : Rs.9,190
  • In-Built Water Pressure Enhancer: No need to run out of pure water even if your area faces a problem
  • Global and UV technology
  • Equipped with E-boiling + technology
  • Mineral Preserver system preserves precious nutrients in water
  • Intelligent Purity system continuously scans the water to give you pure and safe water

New Aquaguard Essential Series 

Aquaguard CompactAquaguard Compact Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.8,490
  • All essential features comes in one water purifier 
  • Clarity-cum-taste enhancer gives regular mineral water taste that suits you
  • Eliminate disease-causing bacteria and virus
  • Intelligent Purification System
Aquaguard Hi-Flo Price in India : Rs.9,490
  • Modern Technology to protect and purify water at the rate of 3 litres per minute
  • E-boiling+ technology
  • Global and UV technology
  • Eliminates bacteria, virus and impurities from water
Aquaguard Classic Aquaguard Classic Price in India : Rs.7,990
  • Stylish new look and easy to clean and maintain
  • Intelligent purity sensor scans and gives 100% safe water
  • Global and UV technology
  • Electronically boils water

Aquaguard EnhanceAquaguard Enhance RO Price in India : Rs.13,990

  • Purify water and save resource
  • Global and RO technology
  • Saves up to 30% more water
  • Removes bacteria, virus and other impurities
  • Designed for the places where TDS level in water is low

Aquaguard RevivaAquaguard Reviva Price in India : Rs.12,490

  • Sensitive new offering perfection of purity
  • Global and RO technology
  • Inhibits growth of waterborne bacteria and virus
  • Gives water that is 100% pure and tastes great
  • Transparent tank awares you the amount of filtered water in the tank
  • Unique membrane cleaning system gives you perfection of membrane performance

Archived Water Purifiers of Aquaguard

Aquaguard UltraAquaguard Ultra Price in India : Rs.5,990

  • Ultra Purification technology
  • Purifies using a membrane of 0.01 micron pore size
  • Removes bacteria, virus, cysts, etc.

Aquaguard SENSAAquaguard Sensa Price in India : Rs.18,990

  • World’s most advanced purifier
  • E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies
  • Gives sweetness, minerals and purity to water

Aquaguard Neo Aquaguard Neo Price in India : Rs.9,490

  • Purifies the water in 3 stages
  • Stunning European looks
  • Reduces colour, odour, organic and chemical impurites


Aquaguard Verve Aquaguard Verve Price in India : Rs.7,490
  • Mainly used for the Institutional / bulk segment
  • UV water purifier
  • Eliminate disease-causing bacteria and virus
Aquaguard Protect Plus Price in India : Rs.15,990
  • RO and UV technology
  • Absolutely pure and safe water
  • Eliminates disease-causing bacteria, protozoa and viruses


  1. i want to purchase an aqua guard for home purpose for about 5 to 6 family member
    pls. tell me know which model is best for our domestic purpose.M staying at Mumbai

  2. I want to purchase a water purifier for a area of high iron content in bore well water. Please suggest which model will work better?

    • I want to purchase a water purifier for a area of high iron content in bore well water. Please suggest which model will work better?

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We wanted to purchase AQUA GUARD water purifier unit.

    Which one is the best model which take care of the following :-

    a) Which model is suitable for water coming in a tanker which is taken from a lake containing more fungus.
    b) Which filters out/ give out No bacteria, virus or fungus which causes unhealthyness.
    c) Min. replacement of Cation and Anion bulbs (purifier units) for more than 2 years.
    d) Has built in voltage stabiliser unit.
    e) Is a filter with UV will cause cancer.

    Please suggest the best model.

    Thanks and regards,


  4. hi
    greeting for day
    i want to purchase an aqua guard for home purpose for about 5 to 6 family member
    pls tell me know which model is best for our domestic purpose.
    thax n. regd.
    Rananjay singh
    cell no. 08860821904

  5. I want to purchase a aqua guard water purifier ……which model is best…..I ill read in net ….when process of uv rays can causes cancer to humans……this is TRUE….or not……if u know details about this please share message ..

  6. Hello,
    I want to purchase an aqua guard for home use(daily) . Please tell me which aqua guard is best for home use. If you have any information, please call me soon, my number is 9425092806.
    Thank you
    21, Dashera Maidan, Ujjain, MP

  7. I want to purchse a aquaguard water purifier. I stay in rambi nhpc colony nearest to Siliguri town(WB). Kindly provide current price list and contact address of the dealer in the above e-mail address.

  8. I want to buy a purifier with best features. Don’t need an RO. Please suggest the best model with prize
    I live in Baddi Dist. solan, Himachal Pradesh india
    Plz give us your representative contact no in our area.
    My cell no. 9816626115

  9. HI,
    I want to purchase a new aquaguard /RO for use of atleast 100 ltrs of filtered water daily requirement. plz let me know the best for the use. with price details immediately.

    Prem Vijayvargia
    80/218 Patel Marg , Mansarovar
    jaipur ( Rajasthan)
    Phone 0141-2781410

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