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Aquaguard Water Purifiers Price List 2014 :

New Aquaguard World Series :

Hot N ColdAquaguard Hot N Cold Price in India : Rs.27,990

  • Individual dispense buttons for selecting water tempearture
  • Hot and cold water purifier with enhanced purification technology
  • Firewall UV Purification technology for eliminating waterborne bacteria, virus and parasites
  • Infused with BioCote – a natural anti-microbial
  • Purification technology is placed at the water dispensing point to contaminate bacterias

Aquaguard GeneusAquaguard Geneus Price in India : Rs.21,990

  • Water purifier that suit your regular taste with mineral modulator
  • RO + UV/ UF + UV Technology
  • I-Cartridge removes the suspended particles from water before UF purification process
  • Ro Membrane reduces bacteria, heavy metals, virus, protozoa and pesticides
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • LED Display

Aquaguard FloAquaguard Flo Price in India : Rs.17,990

  • Water Purifier with a Firewall
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Firewall UV Technology for eliminating water-borne bacteria, virus and parasites
  • Purification technology is place at water dispensing area to contaminate bacteria caused by human contact
  • Automatically detects leaks in the machine

New Aquaguard Premium Series 

Aquaguard DuoAquaguard Duo Price in India : Rs.16,990
  • Cares you by giving safe water and protects you from diseases caused by bacteria and virus
  • Circulates water through UV disinfection for 5 minutes to purify water for 6 hours
  • Ensures self cleaning every minute for 2 hours
  • Enhances membrane life and keeps purifier working effectively
  • RO and UV technology
Enhance UVAquaguard Enhance UV Price in India : Rs.12,490
  • Protection should be stronger when contaminants are strong and advance
  • LED and Buzzer indicators halps you to identify stages of purification and storage
  • UV&UF technology gives you 6 stages purification to contaminate disease causing bacteria
  • Advance software to detect anamoly in UV system, and automatically shuts down water flow into the tank
  • 6-stage enhanced purification process
  • Purify and store water
AquaguardAquaguard Infinity Price in India : Rs.11,490
  • Purity needs to be protected every time
  • E-boiling+ technology safe and purify water doubly
  • Clarity cartridge for removing physical impurities
  • Intelligence Quotient Alert indicates you to replace e-boiling+ chamber or cartridge
  • Micro Controller Scan automatically scans and detects when electronic circuit needs attention
  • 3 stages of purification

New Aquaguard Expert Series 

Aquaguard BoosterAquaguard Booster Price in India : Rs.9,190
  • In-Built Water Pressure Enhancer: No need to run out of pure water even if your area faces a problem
  • Global and UV technology
  • Equipped with E-boiling + technology
  • Mineral Preserver system preserves precious nutrients in water
  • Intelligent Purity system continuously scans the water to give you pure and safe water

New Aquaguard Essential Series 

Aquaguard CompactAquaguard Compact Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.8,490
  • All essential features comes in one water purifier 
  • Clarity-cum-taste enhancer gives regular mineral water taste that suits you
  • Eliminate disease-causing bacteria and virus
  • Intelligent Purification System
Aquaguard Hi-Flo Price in India : Rs.9,490
  • Modern Technology to protect and purify water at the rate of 3 litres per minute
  • E-boiling+ technology
  • Global and UV technology
  • Eliminates bacteria, virus and impurities from water
Aquaguard Classic Aquaguard Classic Price in India : Rs.7,990
  • Stylish new look and easy to clean and maintain
  • Intelligent purity sensor scans and gives 100% safe water
  • Global and UV technology
  • Electronically boils water

Aquaguard EnhanceAquaguard Enhance RO Price in India : Rs.13,990

  • Purify water and save resource
  • Global and RO technology
  • Saves up to 30% more water
  • Removes bacteria, virus and other impurities
  • Designed for the places where TDS level in water is low

Aquaguard RevivaAquaguard Reviva Price in India : Rs.12,490

  • Sensitive new offering perfection of purity
  • Global and RO technology
  • Inhibits growth of waterborne bacteria and virus
  • Gives water that is 100% pure and tastes great
  • Transparent tank awares you the amount of filtered water in the tank
  • Unique membrane cleaning system gives you perfection of membrane performance

Archived Water Purifiers of Aquaguard

Aquaguard UltraAquaguard Ultra Price in India : Rs.5,990

  • Ultra Purification technology
  • Purifies using a membrane of 0.01 micron pore size
  • Removes bacteria, virus, cysts, etc.

Aquaguard SENSAAquaguard Sensa Price in India : Rs.18,990

  • World’s most advanced purifier
  • E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies
  • Gives sweetness, minerals and purity to water

Aquaguard Neo Aquaguard Neo Price in India : Rs.9,490

  • Purifies the water in 3 stages
  • Stunning European looks
  • Reduces colour, odour, organic and chemical impurites


Aquaguard Verve Aquaguard Verve Price in India : Rs.7,490
  • Mainly used for the Institutional / bulk segment
  • UV water purifier
  • Eliminate disease-causing bacteria and virus
Aquaguard Protect Plus Price in India : Rs.15,990
  • RO and UV technology
  • Absolutely pure and safe water
  • Eliminates disease-causing bacteria, protozoa and viruses


  1. I am using Aquaguard Total I-Nova
    Last 1 year, but no body came for pre maintenance service, now a beep sound coming when we start this aquaguard. Please send some body immediately

    I am form Delhi

    My Contact no 9899797236

  2. plz give the details regarding aquavaguard ro system for home use……
    presently iam in Place called Baddi (near to chandigarh…35km) H.P–173205
    plz send us ur exicutive for more details
    i need urgent…i want chechk my water and then decide for the model
    phone no 09218645674

  3. Dear
    Sir I want to purchase Aquaguard water purifier, in our house we have two types of water supply. one is bore well water and another one is kaveri river water. Is it possible to filter both bore well water and river water from one purifier? Please reply me sir it is very urgent.

  4. am looking for a water purification system that would provide pure drinkable water for healthy living of my family & kids. I am based in Lucknow (UP) region not have municipal fresh water ( borwell water) , please give me details and price in my mail urgently

  5. i have requirement of purifier for my office with staff of approx 50 employee .
    Give me details of best unit that can be installed in my office with suggstions and banifits

    Rohit kumar

  6. Nov 15, 2009

    We had purchased One Aquasure Storage Water Purifier on 13.10.09 – Gurarrante Card No. 1544 – fromAjay Medical Stores, Naraina Ring Road, New Delhi , in the name of Mr. Ajay Sethi, 32/6, 2nd Floor, Pant Nagar, Near Jung Pura, New Delhi – 110014, and made cash payment to your representative -= Mr. Satish – Mobile No.9717759494, 9891161434.

    After one week, we complained about dirty water coming in the tank and spoke to Mr. Shailash, of Ajay Medical Stores – Mob. 9810741434. He assured that within1/2 days the complaint will be rectified.

    I very much regret to inform that more than a week has passed and nobody has attended the complaint so far.


    Who is going to compensate for such a delay.

    i need your reply urgently.

    Sunil Mahajan
    Mob. 9810991186, Delhi

  7. Dear sir,

    I am convinced with one of the acquaguards that was displayed. so could you please send me the detailed address for my purchase.

    Thank you.

  8. Dear
    Sir I want to purchase after one month home water puri fier .wath is a diference between Total I nova & Compact ? my home is narela . pls give me nearest dealers name & addres & give me a two models details & prices.
    pls send me after discount prices & send my ID

    ramgopal77@yahoo.com 99906709699

  9. i am living in bangalore where there is no cauvery water.
    the total TDS in bornerre well water is 560+.

    i need a purification system like Water softener for water used in toilet taps and geysers etc and then water purifier for drinking water.

    please suggest

  10. I need to buy one water purifier. Please let me have a price list of your various brands/models. I have learnt about one “INFINITY”. Let me have foull details about this model and the most discounted price of the same. This is urgent please.

    JS Kapoor

  11. For filtering Corporation drinking water, I want to go for a suitable best model of your aquaguard water filters. kindly suggest along with your price list and send it my email ID above per return.

  12. RO model Aquaguard of my house is not functioning properly and Service is not satisfactory. So immediately rectify the problem, please.
    Phone No. 22274853

  13. Dear Sir,
    we are using aqua guard from last 8 years and under AMC for bore well water. Recently we are facing a problem that whenever we are making tea or coffee the milk is breaking and unable to prepare it. When we are using the direct muncipal water for making tea or coffee we are not facing any problem. So we are stopped to use aquaguard and using the muncipal water directly nowadays. I request to explain the reason and remedy for my problem. Same was conveyed to local service center and they are not responding to get a solution. my no.is 919490168310.
    NSV Prasad

  14. Hi,

    I need to know the contact for the Aquaguard Servicing Center in Jaipur as its been over a year and a half since i installed Aquaguard at my home and now i think it possibly needs a servicing and check-up. Please send me the details on my mail ID as well as a text msg. on my cell for the same. My no. +91 9829180541

  15. hello I am looking for a water purification system that would provide pure drinkable water for healthy living of my family & kids. I am based in fatehabad(Haryana) region not have municipal fresh water ( ground water) , please give me details and price in my mail urgently and one thing can u deliver this to my home plz give me all detail about this

  16. I stay in Dubai, I would like to install the Aqua Guard at my residence, please inform the delear name and tel. no, from where I can purchase and get the installation done, and also the price.

  17. I am looking for a water purification system that would provide pure drinkable water for healthy living of my family & kids. I am based in Delhi region not have municipal fresh water ( ground water) , please give me details and price in my mail urgentl

  18. your after service is very bad at dehradun i got amc done for 4 filters 2 for 1 yr 2 for 2 year they never turn up servicing under amc till forced and replaced part which were already repared one and after competion of amc are telling to pay rs 2400/- for electric circuit not accepted from company

  19. i aqua guard . i live in dubai and like to buy / install a filter / purifier – please let me know where in dubai i can buy one — the dealers name / phone no —
    regards jimmy ……….. my email is dubaijay@hotmail.com ……thank you

  20. i require plain aquaguard water filter. please recommend low budget filter. also give nearest dealer address near goregaon / andheri . pl reply me urgently on my email id.


  21. hi i want to buy aquaguard sensa plz provide me details of price & availability in patran , Patiala (Punjab)09982228101,98780-50210

  22. I am looking for a water purification system that would provide pure drinkable water for healthy living of my family & kids. I am based in kakinada(AP) region not have municipal fresh water ( ground water) , please give me details and price in my mail urgently

  23. Have installed aquaguard total gold model, want to know the service contract rates for 1year & 2years.
    What are the advantages of the same .
    Call me @ 09850676356

  24. for Auaguard in mumbai, Call Abhishek 09970060565

    contect for newly lounched water purifier INFINITY

  25. I need a domestic R O based water filter. please mail me rates of economic model and also modes of payment on EMI .

  26. i want to purchase the aqaguard please tell me the configaration please give me the contact number of the service man

  27. I want to buy a purifier with best features. Don’t need an RO. Please suggest the best model amongst the above 4 models.

  28. I am looking for a water purification system that would provide pure drinkable water for healthy living of my family & kids. I am based in Bangalore region & my apartment does not have municipal fresh water (cauvery river water) supply & we use borewell ground water for filteration & drinking purposes.

    I have been using Aquaguard Classic model for past 3 years, but it has been showing hard water impurities in test results after filteration. Please suggest a suitable filteration method specific to my requirement.

  29. I am using aquaguard classic for > 4 monts but no one has come to clean or check the aquaguard after installation. I think cleaning is necessary. Please send me contact no. of service centre of aquaguard at Agartala City.
    Contact no. 09436127744

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