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BSNL WiMAX is a  Wireless Broadband technology that offers broadband speed of 7 Mbps . BSNL is offering this service at a starting tariff of Rs 220 per month for 400 MB data usage in rural areas. WiMAX technology is the latest 4th generation wireless broadband service working in 2.5 Ghz band.

The high speed wireless broadband connectivity will offer video conferencing, enabling tele-medicine and tele-education, besides providing other services like payment of utility bills, issue of birth certificates, land records, vehicle registration etc.

BSNL offers three different equipment which customers can choose as per their application requirements to access WiMax – Outdoor, Indoor and USB dongles .

  • Wimax Indoor – Best suited for Home/Office users. Can be used in moving vehicle also .
  • Wimax Dongle – Small Dongle can be connected directly to PC / Laptop via USB port.
  • Wimax Outdoor – Suitable for remote and rural areas. Can be used upto 15 Km distance (Line of sight) from BTS site.

BSNL Wi MAX Postpaid Tariff Plans 2013 :

New Postpaid Wi MAX Plans : 

Tariff Plans for Gujrat,Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh :

CSC Plans for WI MAX :

BSNL Wi MAX Prepaid Tariff Plans 2013 :

Volume based Prepaid Plan Vouchers :



    • yes i am using it perfact in ghumarwin bilaspur (servbice tax exclusive in bill). and is national roaming free but i am trying today to use it in panchkula can’t say . BSNL says roaming free.

  1. Is this bsnl wimax service launched in the north east of india? Particularly mizoram and arunachal pradesh?
    If not?When will it be launched?
    How can i get one?
    Is the wimax service a data traveller wireless router or a wired router?

    Please Rsvp.

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