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MTS MBlaze

MTS MBlaze is datcard service from MTS for mobile Internet access.The similar datacard services are also provided by the Reliance as Netconnect,Tata Indicom as Photon ,and Airtel,BSNL,…

Types of MTS MBlaze Datacards for Broadband Internet :

There are two types of MTS MBlaze Datacards , one is Standard priced @Rs.999 and the other is Premium priced @Rs.1,049.The Premium MBlaze also sports MicroSD card slot where you can plug-in you microSD card for Data Storage.

MTS MBLAZE Data Card Price – Rs.1,149

  • Plug & Play enabled
  • Speed upto 3.1 Mbps
  • Fastest uploads at a speed to upto 1.8 Mbps
  • Micro SD card slot for data storage
  • Stylish swivel modem for flexible usage

Free MTS MBlaze Data Card
Now subscribe for MTS MBlaze postpaid 3GB/month @Rs.699 or 6GB per month @Rs.799 . Make the advance payment of the three month rental and get the MTS MBlaze data card free of cost .

Free MTS MBlaze

MTS Broadband Plans

MTS MBlaze Prepaid Tarriff Plans :

mts mblaze prepaid

MTS MBlaze FRC (First Recharge Coupon)

Mblaze FRC

MTS MBlaze Unlimited Plan (Prepaid)

Unlimited Msaver Validity Speed
Rs.96 24 hours 3.1 Mbps till 512MB , after that 153.6 kbps
Rs.298.00 7 days 3.1 Mbps till 1 GB, after that 153.6 kbps till 4 GB, after that 64 kbps
Rs.647.00 30 days 3.1 Mbps till 1 GB, after that 153.6 kbps till 6 GB, after that 64 kbps
Rs.798.00 30 days 3.1 Mbps till 6 GB, after that 153.6 kbps till 10 GB, after that 64 kbps
Rs.999.00 30 days 3.1 Mbps till 12 GB, after that 153.6 kbps
Rs.1,198.00 60 days 3.1 Mbps till 1 GB, after that 153.6 kbps till 6 GB, after that 64 kbps
Rs.1,898.00 60 days 3.1 Mbps till 12 GB, after that 153.6 kbps till 24 GB, after that 64 kbps


MTS MBlaze Postpaid Plan Tariff :


MTS mblaze Postpaid Plans

MTS MBlazer Unlimited Postpaid Plan

MTS mblaze Unlimited Plans

MTS Mblaze Add on packs

MTS mblaze Ad on packs



  1. it is no good mts service better go other line net connection it is totally very bad they cheat for usage show always high if you have limit they go behind your limit and more extra money if you pay the get happy no the cut your line without notice MTS net connection dot use it is better for your life it my best advice customer service is stupid people working with MTS asking only money E& money

  2. I had purchased Mblaze Ultra dongle from Efuture, Nehru Place, New Delhi on 23rd Oct 2013, which was to be used alternatively in New Delhi and Goa the number of which is 9136080667. Till today the same is not activated. Pl do the needful immediately. Pl let me know whether the same works in Goa. If not Efuture has given me the wrong information.

  3. […] Experience non stop high speed internet connection with the new MTS 3G PLUS network. MTS has launched a hi-tech dongle (MBlaze Ultra) priced at Rs. 1,299 and 2,299 for Ultra and Ultra Wi-Fi devices that works on 3G Plus network that delivers strong speed of up to 9.8Mbps and allows you to download movies, stream videos, watch Live TV, play online games and make video calls. The 3G Plus network is based on Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) Rev. B Phase II technology. MBlaze Ultra provide speed up to 9.8Mbps which is 3 times faster than 3.1Mbps of MTS Mblaze. […]

  4. your new plan – 998/- Rs,90 days & 6 GB . why run old plan- [1998/-Rs,180 day's & 8 GB ] , I recharge today old plan. & loss 4GB. not available your new plan list with every shop . please stop the old plan. DON’T CHEAT WITH PUBLIC………

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