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Tata Water Purifier

The new TATA Water Purifier , TATA Swach, is the world’s Most Cost-Effective Water Filter.It is an innovative product made by collaboration in all TATA group of companies.

It does not require any energy or running water to operate and has replaceable filter.

TATA Water Purifier Price in India : The new TATA Water Purifier named TATA Swach¬†price start from Rs.899¬†.The purifier’s Catridge with cleaning material costs Rs.349 .

Tata Swach Smart : 7.5+7.5 litres storage capacity
Tata Swach Lavita : affordable price water purifier : 9+9 litres storage capacity

Tata Swach BulbTata Swach Bulb : Can destroy 100 crore harmful bacteria and 1 crore viruses from 1 litre of water.

Top MeshTop Mesh : Can remove the minutest visible impurities.

  • Tata Water Purifier Price (Swach Lavita) – Rs.2,050
  • Tata Water Purifier Price (Swach Smart) – Rs.899
  • Tata Swach Bulb Price – Rs.450
  • Tata Swach Bulb + Top Mesh Price – Rs.510


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