Aircel iPhone 4 Price Plan Tariff

Aircel iPhone 4

Aircel has come up with discounted tariff plans for the world’s best smartphone – the Apple iPhone 4 . In the Aircel iPhone 4 plans the total iPhone price money is given back (as discount) over a time of 2 years  . You have to pay full iPhone 4 price to buy it and then you can choose from various discounted plans (prepaid and postpaid) which includes certain 3G data usage and the free Local calls/SMS .

The good news for the existing Apple iPhone 4 owners like me is that the Apple iPhone 4 plans from the Aircel are valid for them too !  that is the existing iPhone 4 users will also get monthly discounts in the Aircel Apple Plans .

Aircel iPhone 4 Postpaid Plans are : “Advantage Plans 50% Money Back”  and  “Premium Plans 100% Money Back”

In the “Advantage Plans 50% Money Back” you will get 50% money back (discount) of the total iPhone 4 price you paid at the starting .The net monthly rental will be monthly rental minus the monthly pay back amount  . For example if you buy a 16GB iPhone 4 at price of Rs.34,500 , then you will get the Rs.17,280 (50%) money back in 2 years of time . The monthly net rental in this case will be Rs.1119 (monthly rental) minus Rs.720 (monthly discount) , that is Rs.399 .

Similarly in the “Premium Plans 100% Money Back” you will get the total (100%) iPhone 4 price money back (discount ) over the period of 24 months .

Aircel iPhone 4 Postpaid Plans :

Aircel iPhone 4 postpaid plans

Aircel iPhone 4 Prepaid Plans :

In the Aircel iPhone 4 prepaid plans you will get the 100% iPhone 4 price as money back (monthly discount) , like the 100% money back plan of the postpaid connection .

The below monthly recharge (top-up) amount is the total recharge amount minus the monthly money back (discount) .

Aircel iphone 4 prepaid plans

Aircel iPhone 4 Price in India

  • Aircel iPhone 4 16 GB Price – Rs.34,500
  • Aircel iPhone 4 32GB Price – Rs.40,900

3G speed in Aircel Apple iPhone 4 plans :

  • 100% subsidy postpaid plans will get up to 7.2 mbps (download) and 3.6 Mbps (upload) speeds
  • 50% subsidy postpaid plans will get up 3.6 Mbps (download) and 1.8 Mbps (upload) speeds
  • Prepaid Plans will get up to 3.6 mbps (download) and 1.8mbps (upload) speeds