Aircel WiFi Tariff Plans

Aircel Wi-Fi

Now access high speed internet on your Wi-Fi enabled device – mobile phone, laptops, netbook or tablet at any of the Aircel Wi-Fi zones . You just have to select your session time according to your need and you are connected to high speed Internet connection .

What is Aircel Wi-Fi ?

Aircel Wi-Fi is a high speed Internet connection service available at Aircel Wi-Fi zones .You will need a Wi-Fi enabled mobile device (like mobile phone or laptop) to connect to the Aircel Wi-Fi service .

Aircel Wi-Fi zones includes most of the shopping malls , business places like Nehru Place in Delhi ,and various other commercial buildings .It is good for those who do not have 3G mobile phones or 3G service .Once major private telecom operators launch their 3G services all over India , 3G will be the best option to stay connected on the move .

Aircel Wi-Fi Tariff – Plans
Aircel Wi-Fi is a chargeable service and will be charged at rate of Rs.15 per hour with 30MB data download limit .

Currently Aircel Wi-Fi is running on Free trial mode till 20 Feb. 2011 .

How to connect to Aircel Wi-Fi Service :

  1. For using the Aircel Wi-Fi service you will need an Aircel Pre-paid or Postpaid mobile connection.
  2. After you have reached the Wi-Fi hotspot, you need to switch ‘on’ the Wi-Fi option of your laptop or mobile.
  3. Search for the available network or refresh the available network list. You will see “AIRCEL_SPECTRANET” option on the list of networks available.
  4. Click on AIRCEL_SPECTRANET network and click Connect.
  5. Once you are connected to the network, open any browser and type
  6. The AIRCEL SPECTRANET page with an option to sign up would be displayed.
  7. On clicking the new user sign-up option, you would be required to enter your 10-digit Aircel mobile number.
  8. After you have submitted the mobile number, you would be sent an authorization password through an SMS to your mobile.
  9. Enter the authorization password on the webpage on your mobile or laptop and click Submit.
  10. After you have submitted the authorization password, you would be charged for your plan and you would be sent your user ID and password on your mobile phone through an SMS.
  11. Use the user ID (your mobile number) and password received to log in to your AIRCEL SPECTRANET account and now you can browse the Internet for 1 hour. Please do not close the AIRCEL SPECTRANET window till the time you are browsing.

Aircel Wi-Fi Features:

  • 50,000 Wi-Fi zones across India
  • Choose your plans as per your need
  • Secure access to protect your data
  • High speed access @ 512kbps
  • Unlimited downloads in each session

Aircel Wi-Fi Zones

Check here to find thw Aircel Wi-i zones in your city .


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