New Silent Pro PSU from cooler master

New Generation PSU or smps from cooler master with silent features combines best technology together like high efficient circuit design, heat solution and large array of accesories.

Silent pro series from cooler master generates a noise level of less than 16 dBA. Most Important part is smps efficiently converts 85% power to system power so very little power lost during conversion so less heat generated.

All Silent Pro Series power supplies come with 80 PLUS certification, which guarantees high efficiency and meet Energy Star, Blue Angel, and RoHS requirements.


The Silent Pro Series begins with unique hot spots that draw heat away from hot areas of the PCB to a series of copper plates. These copper plates conduct heat almost twice as well as traditional aluminum. This heat is then transferred to a series of aluminum heat sinks that excel at dissipating heat thanks to a fin design that maximizes surface area. From there, a huge 135mm fan blasts away heat by delivering 1.5 times greater airflow than conventional 120mm solutions.

The product comes with specially selected accessories that come with each and every Silent Pro PSU. Two silicon rubber pads help to eliminate noisy vibration when installed. Besides, it also utilizes modular cable management system, which allows users to install only the cables that are required. Cooler Master also provides flat modular cabling with each Silent Pro PSU.

The product complies with Intel’s ATX 12V v2.3 standard for increased compatibility and comes with 5-year warranty.”