DDR2 RAM Price List 2014


  • 1GB DDR2 RAM Pricelist for Desktop PC
    • EVM DDR2 1 GB PC RAM (EVMP1G667U68C/EVMP1G667U88D/EVMP1G800U68D) Price – Rs. 756
    • Kingston DDR2 1 GB PC RAM (KVR667D2N5/1G/ KVR667D2N5/1G-SP) Price – Rs. 999
    • Kingston ValueRAM DDR2 1 GB PC RAM (KVR533D2N4/1G) Price – Rs. 1,384
    • Kingston DDR2 1 GB PC RAM (KVR800D2N6/1G) Price – Rs. 950
    • Kingston DDR2 1 GB Server RAM (KVR667D2E5/1G) Price – Rs. 1,710
    • Transcend DDR2 1 GB PC RAM (JM667QLU-1G) Price – Rs. 1,448
    • Transcend DDR2 1 GB PC RAM (JM800QLU-1G) Price – Rs. 1,058
  • 1GB DDR2 RAM Pricelist for Laptop
    • Kingston ValueRAM DDR2 1 GB Laptop RAM (KVR533D2S4/1G) Price – Rs.1,400
    • Kingston DDR2 1 GB Laptop RAM (KVR667D2S5/1G) Price – Rs.1,700
    • Transcend DDR2-667/PC2-5300 DDR2 1 GB Laptop RAM (JM667QSU-1G) Price – Rs.1,200
  • 2GB DDR2 RAM Pricelist for Laptop
    • G.Skill SQ DDR2 2 GB (1 x 2 GB) Laptop RAM (F2-6400CL5S- 2GBSQ) Price – Rs. 2,268
    • Kingston ValueRAM DDR2 2 GB Laptop RAM (KTH-ZD8000B/2G) Price – Rs. 2,160
    • Transcend DDR2-800/PC2-6400 DDR2 2 GB Laptop RAM (JM800QSU-2G) Price – Rs. 2,106
    • Transcend DDR2-667/PC2-5300 DDR2 2 GB Laptop RAM (JM667QSU-2G) Price – Rs. 2,115
  • 2GB DDR2 RAM Pricelist for Desktop PC
    • G.Skill NT DDR2 2 GB (1 x 2 GB) PC RAM (F2-6400CL5S-2GBNT) Price – Rs. 2,592
    • Kingston DDR2 2 GB PC RAM (KVR800D2N6/2G) Price – Rs. 2,750
    • Transcend DDR2 2 GB PC RAM (JM667QLU-2G) Price – Rs. 2,214
    • Transcend DDR2 2 GB PC RAM (JM800QLU-2G) Price – Rs. 1,975
    • Transcend DDR2 2 GB PC RAM (TS256MQR72V8U) Price – Rs.2,999
    • Transcend DDR2 2 GB PC RAM (TS256MLQ72V6U) Price – Rs.2,999


  1. i want ddr ram 1gb 553mhz for replacing ddr 512mb 533mhz in the hp laptop 520 model.what is price.where to buy and contact no pl.

  2. 2gb 800MHz DDR2 was 1600rs few months back. Now they are getting all costly suddenly. I’ll wait for the price to fall again before buying….Prices of electronics SHOULD be FALLING, not increasing!

  3. Deas Sir
    Price of ddr2 ram and is amd althon x2 core dual core 2 dual or a dual core processor please reply on this site

  4. thanks for giving me the rates of 1 GB ram . can you send me rates of 256 and 512 mb graphics card on my mail .

  5. dear sir ,
    iwant to buy 20 Nos of , 512 MB DDR2 533 MHz RAM (Zion) – 500/- Indian Rupee. how can i get the material plase adviseme

    97009 14005

  6. hi,
    i have 2X512 ram i.e 1gb. i want to upgrade from 1gb to 3 gb so how can i do that? and also mention the price of kingston’ ram.


  7. vintoth
    U can upgrade ur RAM without any second thought. The RAM cost u r asking will be around 1000-1200

  8. Hi,

    My machine configuration is 128 MB SDR Ram… I will be using the Dot Net 2005 and Sql Server 2005 so in order to be fast I want to increase my RAM to higher Configuration like 1 GB. As I am using SDR Ram will all Intel processors support this 1 GB SDR Ram?
    Also I would like to know the Current Market Price of 1 GB SDR Ram? Kindly provide me the Suggestion..

    I dont know the Mother Board configuration but it is Intel and my Processor is P4. I dont know the Speed as well…

    Kindly provide me the Suggestion..

    Thanks in advane….

  9. I have a PC with mother board of D102 GGc2. I have at present 512 GBytes of DDR2 SDRAM. I would like to make it to 2 Gbytes of RAM.

    I have two DIMMs. I may have to make it as 1024 Mbytes in each DIMM.

    What is the cost of 2 Gbytes of SDRAM DDR2 ( 533 Mhz) ?

    Any comments from experts online?

  10. I am having 512mb ram in one slot and if i have to put 2gb means…. In the other slot shall I put the 2gb ram with 512 mb? Is it possible can any one help?,,,,,,

  11. guys this is my first time so plz be detailed…
    i got 4 slots on my motherboard for ram and currently
    using 512mb ram…….3 slots left….my max capacity is 2gb
    so can i exceed the limit by putting only one 2gb ram plus the existing 512 making it 2.5gb with other slots left empty..
    will it support one 2gb in one slot……….
    or 1gb plus another 1gb plus existing 512 leaving one slot empty making 2.5gb on the whole……..
    or any site which will tell how much capacity one slot can handle….thanx!

  12. i have old computer now my ram was 256 mb ddr1
    i’d like to buy new one ddr1 but its too expensive plz tel me d rate of ddr1
    or shal i buy new mother board n buy ddr2 ram plz tel me wch mother board is best n also tel me d COST OF DDR2 AND MOTHER BOARD plzz help plz……

  13. hi natarajan u cannot add a 2GB ddr2 800 MHZ RAM to ur desktop that has 512 MB DDR2 533 MHZ RAM. The latter shall try working at a higher spped n may get damaged or both ur RAM will owrk only at d least frequency.

    Also d recent price of 2GB DDR2 800 MHZ(Zion)is Rs.1300 and transcend will cost around Rs.1250.


  14. Hi Amit,
    Check your Motherboard’s manual, whether it accepts 2GB RAM. I think you can go only upto 1GB, (2 nos. of 512 MB) RAM.
    Also while buying , specifically ask for DDR. Other higher versions DDR2, DDR3 will not fit your motherboard.

  15. I need a 2GB RAM for my PC.
    CPU: P4 1.7 Ghz
    Mother Board: Intel D845GEBV2
    I have 2 RAM’s – 256 mb and 512 mb ddr. I am not about their frequency. The computer was purchased in February 2003. Can any one help me select the correct RAM?

  16. What’s the price of a DDR3 RAM of crucial or DDR3 1600MHz

    thanprice list ram 1GB , 2GB BUS 800ks for above infomation

  17. friends its Not 677 mhz… its 667MHZ

    Please check with your hardware if it supports the upgrades
    also check which frequency RAM is there already in ur pc so that you can upgrade with the same
    also carry your pc specifications like
    the details of your motherboard, your CPU .so that it becomes easy for the trader to give you the a proper RAM

    the Best EConomical RAM is DYNET .. simtronics
    the best Peforming RAM but Costly RAM is Phoenix.,and transcend

  18. does the MHZ requirement vary from computer to computer??i have an a6130in hp desktop 2.0ghz,how much should i need(MHZ)??

  19. U r Welcome bro.

    by the way i installed zion 2GB DDR3 800MHz, jst for rs. 2250 only ..
    I suggest u all guys to install this ram .. its pretty faster ..

  20. i never expected i wud get info like dis…
    its cool..
    now im goin to get it installed..
    thanx for dis….

  21. I am Looking for RAM 2GB 667mhz for Laptop can any body say me price for this RAM with brand Dynet,Transcand etc