eko scooter

The new Eko ET-120 is a revolutionary Electric-Petrol Hybrid Scooter manufactures by Eko Vehicles Bangalore in partenership with US based Emerging Vehicle Technologies Inc. .

The new Eko ET-120 features a 70cc petrol engine. The hybrid range is claimed as 120 km/ltr as compared to the normal range of 40 km/ltr.The engine wil have a torque and power equivalent to a 120cc petrol engine.

The maximum speed of the new Eko ET-120 Electric-Petrol Hybrid Scooter is 65km/hour.The Eko Et-120 has thee engine modes :

  • Only electric – when the bike will run on battery for 40 km on full charge
  • Only petrol – it will give 65 km a litre
  • Hybrid – both electric and petrol will run together to give 120 km a litre of petrol

When the bike is on hybrid mode the battery will be charged automatically in the running and there is no need for charging.
Eko ET-120 Price in India : The new Eko ET-120 Electric-Petrol Hybrid Scooter is no longer available for sale.


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