HCL Infosystems has launched its new Infiniti Challenger Series range of Desktop Computer PC or workstations powered by the latest Intel Core i7 quad-core processor.
The new Intel Core i7 quad-core processor is currently the fastest desktop processor available and has no other competitor in performance and speed.
The motherboard will be Intel’s X58 based chipset and the RAM(computer memory) will be the latest DDR3 technology modules.
These new HCL Infiniti Challenger Series workstations will be best for multimedia,graphics,animation and gaming enthusiasts.

Price:HCL Infiniti Challenger Series workstations’ cost will start around Indian Rupee(INR) Rs.55,000 and will be available by this month.


  1. hey pritam, why u asking this, what u do with your 100$ laptop, just playing some Dos games, c’on, we are going to the future, we want more powerful and super computing on our desk.

    also i saw Nvidia Telsa, a 960 core Super computer. (amazingly cool).

    thanks Intel for his all new core i7 series.