1. for such a heavy gaming…i’ll rather spend my money on PS or xbox…. 1.5 Lakhs just for gaming device…. doesnt makes sense for me atleast.

  2. Intel will never stop about fucking it’s processors, everyday we guys need a new bitch n they need a new product, so it will never end… before quad core n now i7 n in future bitch 9….

  3. i want a laptop with hich speed of processing as requirement :
    RAM 4GB, processor intel quad core,hard disk at least 250GB.dvd writer.

  4. 1)Processor
    Intel Core 2 Quad – 2.80 GHZ Q9550/1333/12 MB cache – Rs 12400/-

    MSI P45 NEO3FR – Rs 7000/-

    2*2 GB TRANSCEND – Rs 2100/- *2 = Rs 4200/-

    WD 500 GB SATA – Rs 2690/-

    5)Graphics Card
    NVIDIA 512MB GF 9800GT – Rs 6300/-

    Total cost:-
    Rs 32590/-

    If it crosses your budget then go for
    Intel Core 2 Quad – 2.66 GHz Q9400/1333/6MB cache Rs-8850/-

    Prices are of bangalore.
    In delhi and calcutta they will be cheaper and may also vary from dealer to dealer.

  5. i need a faster pc which is capable of heavy multitasking and my budget is Rs-35,000.please reply as soon as possible.

  6. instead of wasting 60000Rs just for gaming pc you should buy an XBOX360 or PS3 or even if you buy both it will come in your bugdet plus your get graphics which you will never experience on a pc also there are major chunk of titles which are console exclusive.

  7. i wud advice u to go for 920 i7 as per reviews of it , its going to blow things up for sure not just for present games but atleast games after 2 to 4 yrs min. so there is no need to spend another 12000rs more in 940 7i. as per motherboards go u can get msi X58 sli platinum i dont know the exact price , but its going to be around for 150000rs . and for card u can get a gtx 260 for 18000rs and its going to run any game at high setings in 19 to 22 inch monitor and u can try gtx 280 too, as per your budget. buy ddr3 1600 2 gb ram it wud be mre thn enuf and u can expand it further latr . mail me after you buy a pc at gauravdceme@yahoo.in best of luck!

  8. i want to buy a desktop which is suitable to my gamming needs .i want a intel corei7 940 processor, and nvidea sli 1gb graphic card and other components to make my own pc..can u help me ……my budget is Rs. 60000…please reply