• Intex USB TV Tuner Card For PC, Laptop Price – Rs.1,129
  • Intex External USB 2.0 TV Tuner Box For Laptop Price – Rs.1,550
  • Intex LCD Skyview IT-191 External TV Tuner Box Price – Rs.1,999
  • Intex CRT TV Tuner Price – Rs.999
  • Intex TV Tuner Card External With Remote CRT only Price – Rs.1,018
  • Intex External USB TV Tuner Box Sleek with Remote Price – Rs.1,549
  • Intex Sky Pro IT 193FM LCD LED TFT TV Tuner Box with Remote Price – Rs.1,499
  • Intex TV Tuner 150 FM Price – Rs.1,300
  • Intex Sky Pro IT 194 FM LCD TV Tuner Price – Rs.1,299
  • Intex TV Tuner Card Internal 1 Year warranty Price – Rs.1,245
  • Intex IT 163 Tv Tuner Price – Rs.1,099
  • Intex TV Tuner CRT Price – Rs.1,150
  • Intex TV Tuner LCD Price – Rs.1,140


  1. I have a hp desktop, pavalion6010. I tried to install Intex tv tuner card within cpu,but it did not work properly.

  2. I have Intex TV tuner . I could use this with a LCD monitor but when tried to use it with my HP laptop it does not work. Do I need to instal any software