Today morning i got a sms from vodafone:

“Your wait is about to end! iPhone 3G arrives on Aug 22. 8GB model is for Rs 31000 and 16GB for Rs 36100.To get your iPhone before others, visit one of the select Vodafone Stores & confirm your booking by paying Rs 10000 on August 20 or 21. You’ll get an appointment to collect your iPhone after paying the balance amount. For list of the select Vodafone Stores,go to Save this SMS-you need to show it at Vodafone Store for…”

For me it is a very disappointing price tag.The IPhone 3G is not worth this much at all (that also locked :-/).I’ll rather wait for Nokia N96 or Samsung Omnia or HTC touch pro.

Update:Airtel has also announced the same prices for the Iphone and release date is also the same 22 August 2008.For more details visit Airtel.


  1. Hi

    I am surprised to see all of you shocked with the price. This is exactly what was expected and by
    the way iPhones features are revolutionary and the price is justified.iphone features is better than others,if i comare with

    Nokia 95 or blackberry because the oyher markets which are
    available with the same features or similar features were/are also priced very high. Eg Nokia E 90 @ >Rs.30000/- Nokia N 95

    .Rs.25000, HTC Touch diamond @ Rs.27500/-, Samsung Omania @ Rs. 35 K plus, BlackBerry 8820 @32000.


  2. Another option :

    Apple Iphone from grey market
    Unlocked for all carriers ( 20-25k)
    with 3G or just 2G ( try your luck and hunt around)


  3. Look out for :-

    Nokia N96 (but still around 30-35k)
    Samsung TouchWIZ phone ( 20-25k)
    LG’s successor to viewty with 8 MP camera
    Sony XPeria X1
    and of course, all the range of HTC (including Diamond.)

  4. iPhone at 31K / 36K ! Not worth it at all. Does the Indian service-providers and Apple-India feel that there are more than few fools in India to buy it at that price? No way√Ę‚ā¨¬¶ Will fall on face very soon. Big failure I must say.
    Indians dont like to be extorted by anyone. Seriously, this is sheer burglary in broad daylight. I suggest that they make use of these sets to build their interiors/table/chairs, rather than dumping simply heeeheeee. Horrible business logic√Ę‚ā¨¬¶ no logic at all. Steve Jobs will be really sad to hear this. Sorry Steve, but didnt expect this from you. Dont make us feel cheated.
    Get me iPhone at the original $199+tax, I√Ę‚ā¨‚ĄĘll pick it.No fooling around.The HTC Touch Diamond is a much better option here.