iPhone CDMA Price in India

iPhone CDMA

Apple iPhone , one of the most popular mobile phone in the world , revolutionizing the smartphone market with superb touchscreen display and easy to use user interface , is now coming as CDMA mobile in India . Apple is in talks with two of the Indian telecom operators TATA DOCOMO and Reliance mobiles for launching iPhone CDMA version in India , one of the biggest CDMA mobile phone market .iPhone is a huge hit among the smartphone users and every new version of iPhone has something revolutionary and new in it. The current version of the Apple iPhone is known as iPhone 4 (4rth generation) . iPhone 4 is not yet launched in India but is available in many other countries . It is expected to be officially launched in India after the launch of 3G mobile services in the country . Many guys are bringing factory unlocked version of the iPhone from abroad to India either for self or for selling in India . It is selling like hot-cake in the Indian market (i also got one from them ;)) .

iPhone CDMA version will be a big hit if priced fairly along with the tariff plans.TATA DOCOMO is the relatively new entrant in the Indian mobile services market and is trying hard to get hold of good market share of the worlds fastest growing mobile market .India’s largest mobile service providers , Airtel and Vodafone , are expected to launch the GSM version of the iPhone in coming month .

iPhone CDMA Price

The new iPhone CDMA Price and launch is not known yet . It is expected to be launched in couple of months (if launched) .


  1. The iPhone 4S is a CDMA compatible phone, however it doesn’t accept the CDMA card as apple as restricted its access to GSM networks. It would be a dream come true of TATA in association with Apple provides for authorizing usage on CDMA network at a minimial premium, if required. It will be a perfect blend of a fantastic phone and great network.