LG Cookie Price

This is the first LG Cookie series mobile phone.For the latest LG Cookie mobile phones check their respective links below :

LG has given a new pet name “LG Cookie” to it’s new LG KP500 affordable price touch screen phone.The LG Cookie has 3-inch TFT touchscreen display and a 3.15 megapixel camera. It does not have 3G support but does features GPRS,EDGE,Bluetooth,USB for connectivity.

The detailed features of the new LG Cookie are :

  • TFT touchscreen, 256K colors,240 x 400 pixels, 3.0 inches display screen
  • Flash UI
  • Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Virtual QWERTY keyboard
  • microSD (TransFlash), up to 8GB,48 MB internal memory
  • GPRS,EDGE,Bluetooth,USB
  • 3.15 megapixel, 2048×1536 pixels Camera
  • FM radio with RDS
  • MP3/WMA/AAC player
  • MPEG4/3gp video player
  • Standard battery, Li-Ion 900 mAh with Talk time    Up to 3 h 30 min

LG Cookie Negatives/disadvantages :

  • No WiFi
  • No 3G
  • No 3.5mm audio jack
  • No DivX/Xvid support
  • Camera without auto-focus and flash

LG Cookie

Still a good touchscreen phone at low price(mentioned below).

LG Cookie Price

LG Cookie Price in India:The LG Cookie KP500 is available in India at price of Rs.5,500.


  1. I bought a LG kp 500 Kuki from
    hong kong for using in INDIA.when i tried to use the simcard it is showing Inactive usim
    do you know why it is showing

  2. can we download external games from the internet and play on the lg cookie kp500.will themes work on the phone. whats the price of the phone where i will get it cheapest in mumbai.

  3. Hey guys, after a long research.. I found that LG cookie has a better “to buy” reason than Corby (and its various sub models). One thing I find is price. The price of Corby is pretty high. Around 2-3 k more than the LG cookie. And what else do u want than a motion sensor touch phone..?…

    The only prob i have seen is that the video recording is not good coz of the frame rate which is low as compared to corby and Nokia 5800 express music. So I would definitely go for LG cookie. 🙂

  4. LG Cookie KP500, brought today (14 jan 2010) Nice phone.
    Pros:3inch Touch Screen,3MP camera,vitual qwerty keyboard.
    Cons:Battery Life

  5. I purchased LG COOKIE last month and i m very happy with this phone. It is a simple multimedia phone and its camera has no zoom facility, but still it is a very nice phone.

  6. hello , everyone i bought this LG kp500 phone its too good phone its picture quality is good and its camera and video recording very clar

  7. I am buying new phone ….Can I Buy Nokia 5230 or LG cookie kp500 My or Samsung Corby …
    please Reply me to my email ID……………..

  8. i think lg cookie is full of crap n rather ppl should get the lg veiwty it dont cost that much away from lg cookie

  9. hello , everyone i bought this LG kp500 phone its too good phone its picture quality is good and its camera and video recording very clar

    i want to confirm how i use internet in this phone i am trying so many times but unable to use internet

    i have vodaphone connection any one pls help me

  10. i guess the only plus point with cookie is its low price and as its offering a complete multimedia package (sadly no support for divx format)…other wise key element like wi-fii is missing and hence no support for youtube video play …absolutely customer wudnt mind shelling out some extra cash for these features as they r now a must to have fetures in any multimedia cell fone…i m quite satisfied with this fone ..but looking for a new fone just to get these 2 features….

  11. Samsung Star is the best. More battery Talk time, better camera,comparitively small in size but have the same screen size also.

  12. One more thing by mistake I have dropped the cell 4 times till now in ground from my desk which is 4ft high and the phone is working fine as it should be 🙂 I will suggest go for it…

  13. Hi Guys Please help me out after reading this all comment i get confused between samsung star touch screen phone and LG cookie please any 1 suggest me i should go for samsung or LG cookie if compare with camera ,sound clarity viedo shoot and warranty & plz confirmin samsung wi-fi is available,flash during clicking snaps, FM available or not please do reply.Thanks

  14. it s goo cell phone bt .. battery back up is bad ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. better den samsung ..

  15. i have been reading all d comments.n i think because of camera which has no flash n zooming facility.it has drawback.but there no 3g n wi-fi facility that really sucks…..

  16. The problem in touch key typing is that the shift key keeps getting activated and as a consequence typing gets confused unlike typing with actual key pads especially with t9 activated.Why cant these guys look into all these and set it right before bringing out a perfect product.Touche!!!

  17. When their cheaper models have wireless FM, why cant they incorporate this in the cookie.I cant understand!!!

  18. i suggest u pple 2 go 4 lg cookie(kp500) phone if u want new one .its awesome .the sound is very loud .its somewhat as loud as ipods.its very light in weight.the only thing i found was little low was the camera.overall i will rate 3.75-4 out of 5.
    camera 2.75-3/5
    sound 4-4.25/5
    touch 3/5
    its better than samsung star .it has motion games.louder than samsung star

    i would like to suggest something else also dont ever buy lg kf510 as this piece is defective & LG company itself has stoped the production at many places.i got it once full replaced, but was facing same problems like auto switch off,sound & video problem.finally i asked 4 replacement with lg cookie.now cookie is working gr8.

    LG cookie price in company MRP:-Rs10900
    LG cookie price outside company (dealer price) MRP:-Rs9600-10200

  19. LG Cookie is a good phone in its range.


    * Thin and light
    * The screen is very sensitive
    * Fresh interface
    * Good and loud sound when listening to music and talking


    * Small buttons on the on-screen QWERTY keyboard
    * The browser does not offer intuitive finger controls

    Rating: Excellent
    8.5 out of 10

  20. Hi folks.,
    I’ve used LG’s KG-300 & SHINE…. KG-300 was not bad for that price.. but the Shine was awful..just hype & nothing else. Battery back-up pretty woeful….I’M NOT SURE ABT THE “COOKIE”…. Someone let me know plz…

  21. In india it is 10250Rs. I have bought this mobile for my mum, most phones do not have flash, if we need flash then it cost little higher.

    The only drawback, what i feel in lg cookie is zoom facility, which is not there

  22. LG’s product are really GOOD.I did experienced it from the reliance Rs.501/- mobile phones!!! I am desperate to buy this new LG cookies…I dont mind having flash for camera,No wifi, No 3G…btw dont you have your laptop for all this? For this price…I think LG’s cookies is the best option.

  23. I have been following various “threads” all over the world since the launch of LG Cookie and the “blue screen” / hanging of the handset was identified to the faulty Firmware. LG has been upgrading this Firmware a number of times but this problem is still present. What is the Firmware Number in INDIA. The various franchisees in India do not want to tell or they do not know. As there is no official LG outlet in our city, I have no way to know. Maybe someone will be able to update on this.

  24. i totally agree with jay. i have a cookie and it RRRAAAWWWKKKKKSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! getting a touch screen phone for 9000 bucks with a beautiful speaker and 3.15 mp camera is a steal jus buy it n u’ll know it

    yea yea it does have some bad points like no 3g,no wi fi,no flash and autofocus but it works fairly smooth go for the black version as it looks sleeker than the other colors

    the speaker is actually the best part. vol 30 can make u deaf. lg should have called it a music phone

    go for the mighty cookie……… coz its here to stay…… heeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaa

  25. dont think twice before u buy the KP-500, this phone is cool, its got everything u want in a basic phone with a solid enuff cam….if u want 3g ..learn a thing, the services will cost u a bomb, initially when they are launched.. so no use … i used a nokia 6630 for 6 years which had a 3G, but cud not use it as we did not have 3G in India, now that we have it will be steeply priced services…go for this phone …u wont get any phone in this range as the prices have come down by 4k in 2 months.. u wont get a nokia or a SE phone with these features in this range …samsung comes close but there is a drawback of the silver edge wearing off within a month ..Go for LG KP500 …U WONT REGRET IT ….

  26. hi,
    i purchased this mobile 10 days back they said 12,500 cost and they reduced to 9,700 bewareeeeeeeeeeeeee about the price

  27. @ Prasenjit Das
    Yeah, even i’ve xperienced the same prob..that it gets hang..
    but the screen doesnt turn blue..and i hav to remove the battery and restar it all over again.
    Image is not clear though its 3mp..if commpared to a nokia 2mp camera..the nokia 2mp is much more clear..and sumtimes touchscreen problems..So, i dont like this phone much..though its a good model..

  28. Hey Samar,
    True .. mp4 is not supporte..
    but i regret buying this phone cause when i bought it was for 14 sumthin and nao you’ve got much better phones in 14,000/- and nao, the prce has fallen to about 9000
    SO MUCH DIFFERENCE! Camera has no flash.. :(( and sumtimes gets switched off automatically..

  29. I am using this set (LG Cookie) for last 5 month.. There is One problem in this set. Mp4 is not support in this set….

  30. please tell me it has video recording or not because it is not written in features [[[[[[[[[so please tell me yes or no]]]]]]]]]] please please please please……

  31. i am looking forward to buy a cell phone around 9k..i have itouch and from youtube videos it seems, unlike my itouch, you need to press your finger harder or do it several times to get job accomplished on kp500..
    if i disregard the feature “touchscreen”, should i buy se k790i or lg cookie? what do you think??

  32. i bought ths phone…
    its price reduced to Rs9400..
    m greatly satisfied …
    sad coz it doesnt hav flash nd phone hots up after continuos usage upto abt 30min…

  33. which phone should i buy? LG COOKIE KP500 or Samsung Star S5233?

    please reply……im in serious need of help

  34. I got this phone 3 months back..that time price was 12,900/-.
    Now its 9,900/- (At least the price is showing by the same store from where I got the phone)
    The phone is ok..one major draw back I noticed that its sometime hangs(Entire screen will be Blue) and U need to remove the battery and place it again to restart!!!!!!This is irritating…Also sometime Automatic network selection not work properly…Specially When you are in Roaming.I experienced this problem when I went to Kolkata….Anyway if u want to have a fun with some cool stuf like motion sensor games,full touch ,cool photo album…them go for it..Now the price also less…so It will not be a waste of money…


  36. hi………this phone is very nice……..i like this phone very much……but it does not have 3g its a disadvantage of this phone…..what is the price of this phone…plz reply….

  37. I bought LG Kp 500 its a cool phone but still feel like camera doesnot have flash and quality of photos are not that good usually at bad light lag – 3G and Wifi but still worth price – touch screen (htc touch) Games – flying dices,pipes are awesome, nice photo editing features, it can’t handle much memory but supports 4gb flash memory nice speaker phone, spports full screen video playback….

  38. sir i wanna purchase a new ph plz suggest me which one is better out of these phones htc p3450, nokia5800 or lg cookie. plz give me suggestion in keeping mind there camera, music, etc features. im a an engg. student

  39. i have this phone..its preeety shit. u hav to like press the buttons a few times for it to workk, oh n its really hard to compose a msg..

  40. I bought this phone 2 days back from pune @ Rs.12,500

    I am a Mac user and a graphic designer by profession and I know what design is & I MUST say that this phone rocks.

    There are only 2 drawbacks – No Wifi & No customizable themes(although you can change wallpapers)


  41. the phone has a pritty and sleek design ,but it is not supported with “3g”..that,s a big disadvantage of the phone ..