LG Diwali Offers 2016

Celebrate Diwali with LG Products which promise a life of never ending celebrations.

All offers are valid from 12th Sep 2015 to 15th Nov 2015 in India except in the state of Kerala. Scratch card offer is not valid in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kerala or any other locations where it is not applicable as per law.

LG Diwali TV offer



Scratch card Offer: Assured gifts up to Rs.5,79,900

Offer is valid on purchase of all TV models except PDP and following models of CAV
BH6340H/LHB625/LHB755W/LHD625/OM5540/OM7550D/NP7550/NP5550/NP8350/NP8540/ NP8740/LH70A/LH70B. Only one (1) scratch card will be given per product purchase.

1 year extended warranty: This is available on all TV models (Except PDP). This is applicable exclusively on panel/Module only. The panel/module shall be repaired / replaced during the extended warranty period as per company policy

Free audio video products:


Sound bar LG LAS450H free with 164cm(65-inch) & above oled/UHD TVs (except 79UB980).


Sound bar LG HTS LAS355B free with 123cm(49-inch) to 151cm(60-inch) UHD TV & 139cm(55-inch) OLED TV.


Sound bar LG HTS DH3140/BRP BP450 free with 106cm(42-inch) to 108cm(43-inch) UHD TV.

Bluetooth Speaker NP1540 free with 106cm(42-inch) 3D LED TV & 100cm(40-inch) UHD TV.


DVD player DP546 free with 106cm(42-inch) & above Smart LED TV. DVD player DP 132 106cm(42-inch) & Above LED TV.

Free smart remote with all OLED, Smart UHD except UB700,UF64 & all LED smart TV except LF59,LF58, LB58 series.

Free Flexi mount bracket 6 way bracket worth Rs.7000 applicable on 119cm(47-inch) & above TV except OLEDTV, 105UC9T & 98UB980T.

4 way backet worth Rs 2000 applicable on 80cm(32-inch) to 108cm(43-inch) size. 2 way bracket worth Rs 1000 on 70cm(28-inch) LED TV.


Buy LG OM554 get free Tripod stand – powerful home audio system with bluetooth and auto DJ

Free Gaana+

For 6 months on LG CM9940, LG OM7550D, LG OM5540 and LG BH6340H.
For 3 Months on LG LHD625, LG LHB625, LG LHB755W, LG NP1540, LG NP5550, LG NP7550, LG NP8350, LG NP8540, LG NP8740.

Free HDMI cable available with all Home Theatres models of 850 Watts (RMS) and above.

LG Diwali Fridge Washing machine offer

LG Home Appliances Diwali 2015 Offer

  • Refrigerator:
    • 10 years warranty on Inverter Linear Compressor of select models of Side by Side Refrigerator.
    • 10 years warranty on Smart Inverter Compressor of select models of Frost Free Refrigerator.
  • Washing Machine:
    • 10 years warranty on Direct Drive motor of select models.
  • Microwave Oven:
    • 10 years warranty on Charcoal Lighting HeaterTM of select models.
    • Extended Warranty (Besides 10 yr Standard warranty on Compressor/DD Motor/Charcoal Heater):
  • Applicable from 1st Oct to 30th Nov 15
  • Additional 1 years warranty on Front Load 7Kg & above machines.
  • Additional 2 years warranty on Magnetron of 28L & above Convection models.
  • Microwave Ovens ongoing Offers
    • Free Start-up & Neeta Mehta Cookbook on all Convection and Grill models.
    • 3 Complimentary Cooking classes on the entire range of Microwave Ovens.
  • Water Purifier True Maintenance Package worth Rs 4200/-. This includes:
    • 3 Free Scheduled & Automated Visits.
    • 3 Free Digital Sterilizing CareTM
    • 3 Free Pre-Sediment Filters.
  • Side by Side Combo Offers:
  • Applicable from 13th Oct to 20th Nov’ 15.
    • 21L Convection (Model No. MC2143BPP) free on purchase of Luxury Side by Side & all Door-in-Door
    • models.
    • Luxury SBS models are: GC-L207GPQV, GC-L207GAQV, GC-L207GSYV, GC-L207GLQV, GC-L207GPYV.
    • Door-In-Door models are: GR-D34FBGHL, GR-J31FWCHL, GR-M24FWAHL, GR-J297WSBN, GC-
    • M237JGNN, GC-J237JSNV, GC-M237JSNV.
    • 20 L Solo (Model no. MS2025DW) free on purchase of select Basic Side- by- Side models are GC-B207GPQV, GC-B207GSQV, GC-B207GAQV, GC-B207GLQV
  • Finance Offers
    • 15 Easy installment with 0 down-payment, Nil processing fees
    • Applicable on all Weekends ( Friday / Saturday / Sunday ) during 5th Oct to 20th Nov 15:
    • Refrigerator: 330L & above Frost Free models & All Side By Side models
    • Washing Machine: 7 KG & above on Top Load & Front Load both
    • Microwave Ovens: 32L Convection models
    • Water Purifiers: All Models
  • In addition to the warranty conditions mentioned over here , all the standard warranty terms and conditions as mentioned in the owner’s manual will be applicable during this extended warranty period.
  • Please ask your Retailer/Store manager for detailed offers, Gifts etc before purchase.

Free LG MC2143MB Microwave Oven with following LG refrigerators – LG GR-D34FMC21/GR-D24FWAHL/J31FW/GC-M237JGNN/GC-J237JSNV/GC-L207MC21/GC-L207GAQV/GC-L207GPYV/GC-L207GLQV/GC-L207MC21

LG Diwali Mobile offer

LG Mobile Diwali 2015 Offer


  • Free metallic finish back cover Offer’ that it is available with leather variant only
  • Easy EMI Offer: For Easy EMI Offers, please check with retailer before making a purchase. The EMI
  • Offer is at the sole discretion of the retailer and/or of the offering bank. LGEIL disclaims any and all claims in respect to the same. Under no circumstances shall LGEIL and/or its affiliates and/or directors, officers, agents or employees be held responsible for any part of the EMI Offer.
  • Benefits worth INR 12,000
  • All customers buying G4 before 30th Nov 2015 can avail Free-of-cost one time screen replacement at any of LGEIL’s authorized service centers within a period of 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • Free metallic finish back cover Offer’ that it is available with leather variant only (inside box) For customers buying G4 before 30th Nov 2015, one extra unit of 3000mAh Battery with Charging cradle will be provided separately via retailer

LG Diwali AC offer

LG AC Diwali 2015 Offer

  • Pay just Rs.666 and take home an LG AC. 10 year warranty on inverter compressor on select AC models
  • This extended warranty offer is exclusively applicable on Compressor of LG single Split Inverter V Air Conditioners invoiced to end customer from 1st July 2015 to 31st December 2015.
  • This offer entitles customer to enjoy free of cost 5 year extended warranty on LG single Split Inverter V Air Conditioners Compressor.
  • The compressor of the AC shall be repaired/replaced during the extended warranty period as per company policy & the company decision shall be final in such circumstances.

Terms & Conditions

For complete terms and conditions visit www.lg.com/in.
All the gifts/Freebies may not be available at the time of purchase and shall be responsibility of the customer to collect it from the dealer from whom the product is purchased during the period latest by 5th Dec. Gifts cannot be redeemed for cash. In case of non-availability of any mentioned model of the gift, alternate gift of the equivalent amount will be given at the sole discretion of LG.
Free 1 Year insurance offer is applicable on purchase of LG Brand shop only. Offers are not available on purchase from any of the e-commerce website other then the order booked through LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. Official website lgbrandstore.com.


  1. I wd like to purchase lg mobile model 535D Titan in Diwali. Kindly provide diwali offer with EMI details.
    I have purchased one LG microwoven Charcoal system 32litre fore years back and in January 26, 2016 I have purchased one LG 42inch LED TV both of which run very well and I have a good faith with LG products, so I am always interested with LG products. Kindly advise yr offer scheme.
    Sital De

  2. I am interested in buying this Diwali offer LG plasma 42inch and51inchTV please furnish me the details seasons price along with gifts and other accessories of home theater gadgets

  3. I am interested in buying this Diwali offer LG LED HD FLAT TV please furnish me the details seasons price along with gifts and other accessories of home theater gadgets, also let me know where to approach at Madurai, you may acknowledge me with your and with note to your shopping centre. Thank you for you prompt response. yours T.Rajarathnam