Luminous- Inverters
From supply of power to one room apartments to large multistory buildings , Luminous Inverters are available for every application- Solar Power Inverters , wind power to utility grid.

Luminous Inverter Price List India 2015

Luminous Square Wave UPS

  • Luminous 675VA LB UPS Price – Rs.4,000
  • Luminous 875VA LB UPS Price – Rs.5,000
  • Luminous 900VA LB UPS Price – Rs.5,700
  • Luminous 1500VA(24V/ 2No. Battery) LB UPS Price – Rs.6,800
  • Luminous 1100VA(12V) SAKTHI CHARGE UPS Price – Rs.6,300

Luminous Sine Wave UPS

  • Luminous 675VA SINE WAVE UPS Price – Rs.4,500
  • Luminous 875VA SINE WAVE UPS Price – Rs.5,500
  • Luminous 1500VA(24V/ 2 Nos. Battery) SINE WAVE UPS Price – Rs.7,500
  • Luminous 2 KVA (24V/ 2 Nos. Battery) SINEWAVE UPS Price – Rs.12,500
  • Luminous 2.5 KVA (36V/ 3 Nos. Battery) SINEWAVE UPS Price – Rs.15,000
  • Luminous 3.5 KVA (48V / 4 Nos. Battery) SINEWAVE UPS Price – Rs.17,500

Luminous Inverter Battery Price List – Click Here

Inverter Load Capacity

  • 2 ceiling fans + 2 Tube-light + 1 TV 21-inch = 600VA
  • 3 ceiling fans + 4 Tube-light + 1 32-inch LCD TV  = 850VA
  • 3 ceiling fans + 4 Tube-light + 1 TV 32-inch LCD TV + Fridge = 1500VA
  • 7 ceiling fans + 8 Tube-light + 1 TV 32-inchLCD = 1500VA
  • 3 ceiling fans + 4 Tube-light + 1 TV 32-inch LCD + Fridge + Washing Machine + Mixer-Grinder = 2KVA
  • 6 ceiling fans + 10 Tube-light + 1 TV 32-inch LCD + Washing Machine + Mixer-Grinder = 3KVA
  • 1 ceiling fans+ 1 Tube-light + 0.75 Ton AC = 3KVA
  • 5 ceiling fans + 1 Tube-light + 1.5 Ton AC = 5KVA


  1. I want to purchase invertor for load
    3 computers
    4 tube light
    3 fans
    Power back up of at least 6 hours

    Send quote immediate

  2. Ref : Dealers dealing in Invertors with a range of 500 W to 5 KVA capacity
    We are looking for most competitive price for the subject requirement for our Hotel Project by the name of Medley Hotels and Resorts Pvt Ltd.

    Kindly quote your competitive price, specifications, delivery period, payment terms, etc. for putting up the infrastructure in collaboration with us on [email protected] within a week to enable us to evaluate and revert to your goodself.


    R Takru
    Mob 9818699677

  3. luminous invertor 800va sine wave board ka price kitna hai. aur kaha milega ….

    Rajeev , Patna.

    Mob:- 9304526101.

  4. I want to buy 1.5kva/24 volt solar inverter.I think it can carry 800va load on solar energy.If you can provide quote me with technicle details.We are manufacturer of solar lighting products.

  5. I want to run 1 fan
    1 tubelight
    1 microscope with 220va consumption
    one machi e with 160 va consumption
    1 compressor of 1.5kwatt
    Which one is better 2.5 kva or 3.5 kva.
    because of limitation of space in my office which is better
    secondly ups or inverter which one to choose
    Mohali chandigarh

  6. i am looking for 750kv inverter… kindly contact and the inverter must be in small size and if possible without battery….

    Do contact if have any options..


  7. I am using one desktop computer, one fan, 3 CFL bulbs. Plz advise me which inverter is suitable for me at 9999208747.

  8. I have been using Luminous ups 1.5 kva with two batteries for the past 1.5
    years, Due to frequently power cut we are unable to use 0.5 Hp of motor . Please can you us any methods to replace or to convert it. Waiting for your

    • dear customer u wll get widdest range of invertor battery at swastik battery service
      chinhat faizabad road lko.

      for more details feel free to call

  9. I am looking for 1 KV invertor. please give details of dealers nearby hyderabad preferably bidar (karnataka)

  10. we want 5KV invertors.

    can u people give qutotion for the same with all( inverter, batteries, instalation etc.,) as early as possible

  11. I am using luminous sinwave inverter since 4 years. I am completely satisfied with the performance .For many question you can dial luminous help line number( 1800 200 3939 / 1800 11 3535)