XBOX 360 Price

Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console Price in India

  • New Microsoft XBOX 360 4GB Price – Rs.15,126 (Buy it from Snapdeal , Buy it from Flipkart)
    • 4GB of internal flash memory
    • Touch-sensitive buttons
    • Black matte finish
    • 5 USB ports
    • 1 dedicated Kinect port
    • Onboard optical digital audio
    • in-built Wi-Fi
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 4 GB Console with Kinect Price – Rs.24,399 (Buy it from Snapdeal , Buy it from Flipkart)
    • Xbox 360 4 GB S Console
    • Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360
    • Kinect Adventures game
    • Xbox 360 Black Wireless Controller
    • Xbox 360 Composite A/V cable (standard definition)
    • 1-month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership
    • Kinect Disneyland DVD (In the box)
    • Your Shape Fitness 2 DVD + Kinect Adventures DVD
    • Joy Ride DVD + GEARS OF WAR 1 DVD + Halo ODST DVD + Halo Wars DVD + Mass Effect DVD + Gunstringer DVD
    • Fruit Ninja Downloadable Token (Inside Gunstringer DVD Box)
  • Microsoft X Box 360 New Gaming Generation – Rs.12,590
  • Microsoft XBox 360 Pro – 20 GB – Rs.20,990
    • Custom, symmetrical, three-core CPU, each running at 3.2GHz
    • 500MHz ATI graphics processor
    • 512MB memory
    • Built-in wireless, DVD Drive, 3 USB Ports, Chrome bevel on DVD Drive, with Wireless controller, Universal Media Remote, 20GB Hard Disk & Component HD AV Cable
  • Microsoft X-Box 360 250 GB Slim Gaming Console (with Wi-Fi support) Price – Rs. 23,640 (Buy it from Snapdeal)
  • Microsoft X-Box 360 250GB Kinect + Adventures Gaming Console (with 10 Games Free) Price – Rs. 31,631 (Buy it from Flipkart , Buy it from Snapdeal)

XBOX Kinetic price

XBOX Kinetic Price in India

The XBOX Kinect interface allows users to play games with their body movements instead of a conventional joystick.It brings controller-free gaming to the living room .XBOX ‘Kinect’ senses users’ movements and lets them play games without using a joystick with the help of an embedded RGB camera, depth sensor and microphone.

  • Xbox Kinect Price – Rs.10,396 (Buy it here) : Kinect for Xbox 360 brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways with no controller required. Simply step in front of the sensor and Kinect recognizes you and responds to your gestures.It works with every Xbox 360 console.
    • Easily hook up with friends with Video Kinect, no headset required
    • Sign into your profile by just stepping in front of the sensor
    • Kinect games give you the freedom to jump, duck, and spin your way through a unique adventure.
    • Kinect uses cutting-edge technology to provide a whole new way to play

XBOX Kinect games Price List 2013 :

  • FIFA 13 (Kinect Compatible) – Price – Rs.2849
  • Kinect Sports Season 2 Price – Rs.1899
  • Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection Price – Rs.
  • Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 Price – Rs.1999
  • Kinect Joy Ride Price – Rs.699
  • Kinect Sports Price – Rs.1899
  • Dance Central 3 Price – Rs.
  • Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure Price – Rs.
  • Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth Price – Rs.1999
  • Dance Central Price – Rs.1199
  • Just Dance 4 Price – Rs.1999
  • Forza Motorsport 4 (Standard Edition) Price – Rs.3199
  • Kinectimals: Now With Bears Price – Rs.1199
  • Nike Plus Kinect Training Price – Rs.
  • Dragon Ball Z For Kinect Price – Rs.2499
  • Harry Potter For Kinect Price – Rs.1999
  • MotionSports: Play For Real Price – Rs.1299
  • Zumba Fitness Rush Price – Rs.3299
  • Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector’s Edition Price – Rs.4799
  • UFC Personal Trainer Price – Rs.1999
  • The Hip Hop Dance Experience Price – Rs.1999
  • The Gunstringer Price – Rs.999
  • Motionsport Adrenaline Price – Rs.1599
  • Just Dance: Disney Party Price – Rs.1999
  • Brunswick Pro Bowling Price – Rs.1279
  • Fable : The Journey Price – Rs.
  • Adidas MiCoach Price – Rs.2799
  • Motion Explosion! Price – Rs.
  • Kinect Nat Geo TV Price – Rs.2399
  • Rise Of Nightmares Price – Rs.1999
  • Toy Story Mania Price – Rs.1999
  • Raving Rabbids – Alive & Kicking Price – Rs.1999
  • Mass Effect 3 (Limited Collector’s Bundle) Price – Rs.5574
  • Grease Dance Price – Rs.1799
  • Just Dance Greatest Hits Price – Rs.1499
  • The Gunstringer + Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Card Price – Rs.1599
  • Forza Motorsport 4 (Standard Edition) + Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Card Price – Rs.3699
  • Nike Plus Kinect Training + Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Card Price – Rs.3099
  • Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure + Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Card Price – Rs.3099
  • Kinect Nat Geo TV + Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Card Price – Rs.2899
  • Kinect Sports Season 2 + Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Card Price – Rs.2399
  • Kinect Sports + Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Card Price – Rs.2399
  • Kinectimals: Now With Bears + Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Card Price – Rs.1799
  • Dance Central + Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Card Price – Rs.1799
  • Dance Central 3 + Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Card Price – Rs.3199
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Price – Rs.
  • The Adventures Of TinTin – Secret Of The Unicorn Price – Rs.1599
  • Mass Effect 3 Price – Rs.2799
  • Dance Central 2 Price – Rs.1999
  • EA Sports Active 2: Personal Trainer Price – Rs.2599
  • Power Up Heroes Price – Rs.1499
  • Kinect Star Wars Price – Rs.2399
  • Zumba Fitness Price – Rs.
  • London 2012 – The Official Video Game Of The Olympic Games Price – Rs.2499
  • My Self Defence Coach Price – Rs.1999
  • Kinect Disneyland Adventures Price – Rs.1499
  • Sports Island Freedom Price – Rs.
  • Blackwater Price – Rs.
  • Michael Phelps: Push The Limit Price – Rs.2899
  • Fighters Uncaged Price – Rs.1499
  • National Geographic Challenge! Price – Rs.2399

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  1. I want to buy xbox..what are the latest prices of ARCADE & ELITE in Kolkata?
    what is the difference between these two?

  2. I own a PS3 and let me tell you it does play pirated DVD’s too though pirated games are distant dreams.

    During my recent visit to my friends place i found that most of my PS3 titles were also available on Xbox (non Sony games) and that made me think why am i spending so much money on games when i can buy Xbox and play pirated games.

    I am not sure how many of you play online games but if you need to think economically then buy both a PS3 (for PSN and Sony games) and Xbox (cheaper games titles) and you all wont regret it.

  3. guyz see

    PS3 is awesome console ever made

    but the problem is it can’t play pirated games

    as it is not modded


    X-BOX 360 is also best console

    but problem is RROD (RED RING OF DEATH)

    it causes due to over-heating

    and it can b fixed

    and it can play pirated games too

    so from my Point of u

    X-box 360 is slightly better den ps3

    cuz it can play pirated games dat’z y my vote goes to

    360 otherwise it is a big tym sux

    and PS3 is kewl

  4. hey guys i want to know about hard disk in xbox360 like ps2 which i have..plz tell me about this….shopkeeper take 3500 for hard disk in xbox360 is this usefull what work of it……. reply………..

  5. Does anyone know the recent XBOX 360 ( with wireless controller) price? I live in Kolkata and last time I checked was 5 months back and it was around 16000/- .

  6. xbox is not best coz ps3 have many option like online gaming
    xbox also have this abelity but ps3 provides free online gaming
    ps3 have much better picture quality then xbox
    but xbox is much cheaper than ps3 and xbox can play pirated dvd
    whereas ps3 cant
    xbox and ps3 both have same games at some extend
    so according to me buying xbox is much better deal than buying ps3

  7. I think the high defination clearity is goes to xbox 360 and many popular games start with xbox360 like tekken 6,dead or alive,etc soo hands of to xbox 360.

  8. yeah guys its very difficult to say tht which one is best the xbox or ps3 comparitive on price the or almost same i say that both are awsome but the xbox hand joystick is more comfortable than ps3

  9. PS3 is one of the best console to ever come out for gaming industry (previously PS2). I hav been playing games for the past 19 years, I have gone through almost all console built, PS3 is worth the money.
    Its not that xbox 360 ain’t good, but its the most problem prone console ever made(though mostly played too!!).
    I donno about fan boys, but as the prices are almost equal PS3 is future proof, for the case of xbox360 irrespective of the rrod i think its gears of war and gta4 thats significant, but you wont find Kratos and Drake!!

  10. i agree but there is one more thing that the the game god of war 3 the biggest game of all time is only available at sony ps3 not for xbox 360

  11. xbox 360 is a great fun…. ps3 sucks.. xbox 360 is better than it as it has more games than ps3 like gta ballad of gay tony and gta 4 lst and dammed …..

  12. xbox 360 is the best for gaming as it has more games than ps3 like gta lost and dammed and ballad of gay tony….. ps3 sucks as compare to xbox 360……..

  13. totally agree with Manik…the ps3 as it is sucks, especially with the xbox’s one year warranty and extend able to 2 years.and even the content on ps3 sucks.

    but again when you compare technologies blue ray right now is in a very nascent stage…and in five years time it will stabilize and then a lot of content will be built on it…so for now xbox-360 wins hands down…but in the long run …ps3 will eventually win the battle

  14. even xbox 360 has HD gaming and that makes the graphics even better………………………..and it even has the HDMI cable option which makes it worth for money

  15. X-Box 360 Just A Waste Of Money…Go For PlayStation 3…Built In Blue-Ray Player, HD Gaming & More…40GB PS3 Is Around Rs.23,999/-…