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MTNL Mumbai has launched a new 4Mbps speed broadband plan in Mumbai.It this plan the subscriber will get 4Mbps download speed and maximum 8GB data transfer limit.

Details of MTNL’s “DSL 4Mbps” plan are:

  • DSL 4MB plan (w.e.f. 01/09/09)
  • 256Kbps Min. download speed
  • upto 4Mbps Max. download speed
  • 8 GB Monthly Free Data Download
  • Rs. 1499/- Monthly DSL Minimum Usage Charges
  • Rs. 16489/- Annual DSL Subscription Option
  • Rs.0.70 per MB Addl.Usage Charges beyond Monthly free Usage


  1. I was also having the conection in dwarka, and i personally sugest all of you to do not go for MTNL in dwarka, I paid nearly 712 pm, and in whole month it worked only 15 days. I contacted AM many times but no use.
    Even I approched consumer court and file case against them and its more then 4 months still the case is pending.I am a lawyer and personally suggest everyone not to buy this, they don’t know the importance of internet. 🙁

    Name: Adv. Om Parkesh
    Connection no 25081567
    Location Dwarka, New Delhi 110075