Nokia 6303 Classic

The Nokia 6303 classic mobile phone is ideal for people that see the current value proposition of the Nokia 6300. The 3.2 megapixel camera comes to life on the large 2.2 inch screen, and with pre-loaded Nokia Maps, the Nokia 6303 combines a long list of features with excellent battery performance. Added to everything else, people can plug any music accessory into the standard 3.5 mm audio jack and have a fully fledged mobile music player able to carry thousands of their favorite tracks.


Nokia 6303 Classic mobile Phone features:

  • Tri-band EGSM 900/1800/1900
  • 2.2-inch TFT display screen with resolution of 320×240 pixels(QVGA) and 16.7m colours
  • Micro-USB connector
  • 3.5 mm stereo headphone plug
  • microSD memory card slot, hot swappable, max. 4 GB,32 MB internal dynamic memory,64 MB internal flash memory
  • GPRS,EDGE,Bluetooth,TCP/IP support
  • 3.2-megapixel camera,8x digital zoom,Autofocus,Dual LED flash
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • MP3/AAC/eAAC player
  • Symbian S40 user interface, 6th edition
  • BL-5CT 1050 mAh Li-Ion standard battery,Talk time (maximum): GSM 7 h
  • Email Supported protocols: IMAP, POP, SMTP,Support for email attachments up to 600kb
  • Supports external GPS receiver,Nokia Maps application.


Nokia 6303 Price

The Nokia 6303 Classic price in India is Rs.6,500 .It is a good mobile at this price.Its camera picture quality is not the best .Also it lacks 3G but the pricing and the other features justifies that.The battery backup is decent.It is a good buy at this price with handful of features and reliabilty of the Nokia.


  1. I’m from Hyderabad. I’m very very much eager to purchase Nokia 6720 classic. Can you tell me the Address where I can purchase. I’m ready to travel to any place in India & purchase it. Can any one reply me at (or) +91-9885404088.

  2. Everyone please remember that S40 phones have less Cam quality when compared to S60 phones. So 6303 cam quality is not too gud but better, music is also avg headset. Battery backup is Gud. Totally i will rate 7.5/10.

  3. Hi, I want to buy Nokia 6303 from Ahmedabad within 2 days.
    Can you suggest me the shop from where i can purchase this in minimum price ?

  4. I Like this Phone very much. The camera quality picture is nice i purchased at Rs.7250/- the volume 10 is nice can get e-mail or internet detail from this mobile.

  5. I am confused between Nokia 6303 & Sony’s W395…..wat u guys suggest for me ?? which one i should buy ?? i am looking fr music perspective ….plz help me out …..thanks in anticipation !!

  6. i like that this phone because i have use the this series’s phone 6300 and now i bought brand new and very handsome style mobile 6303. am crezy with this. i love nokia

  7. hi i brought it today from fort, mumbai at rs 6100- this is very good phone with good features and long standing battery.

  8. Very gud phon it is.pictr quality is too gud,bt u sud nt expect a louder music from 6303.earphones r too painfut to ears.but,finally gud handset.

  9. hey buddy….i had purchased this phone 2 months ago and to tell u…if u’re looking for a middle class fone then this is it. ill tell u the cons and pro’s specifically
    pros:good battery life,nice camera clarity(with flash and auto focus),big screen(2.2 inch),newest OS,buttons are smooth to press,eas of use.
    cons:dont expect the music to be too gud or too loud as in xpress music but it still gives a decent performance.u will be pleased with it if u really arent concerned bout music.

    about the matt black or stainless steel, ill opt for the steel cuz it has a more classic look and sexy appeal.

  10. Hi this is nice phone?i am in sangli where should i get less phone prices near to me?i will parches it as early……..

  11. One of the Cutest mobile of the century ,ne one can buy this ,its 6700 rs ,gud music effect nice cam ,totally i wyd rate 10/10 for this

  12. the phone is rocking with a little affordable price. but due to GREY (duplicate) phones of same model one is puzzled.

  13. this is very smart phone especially its camera 3.15 mp,with large display.
    the price is little bit high it should have been upto 5000 +
    u would have been puzzled to see demand.

  14. I bought it at Chembur, Mumbai yesterday for Rs. 6,900.
    Maybe I could shopped around and got it for Rs. 6,800 but driving around the city shopping for the best price isn’t cheap either. I think it’s worth the price.
    It’s a gift for my father-in-law, who wanted a simple phone.
    My old faithful phone is a Nokia N82.

  15. Hi,
    I heared this phone is very nice according to price.
    can you tell any one if any proble accures in mobile like key pad, hanging proble or battery back??
    pls tell me….I want to purchage this phone also…..

  16. gr it for 6500 from nokia priority delhi last month,awsome phone however lacks 3g(not required as of now) and gps(every phone at this price dnt hav that,so nt an issue) however bluetooth gps module is compatible with it.
    camera is decent but do not expect much from it sound is nice but lesser than 5130 n 5310 coz they r express music.
    its slim n beautiful its best phone available even better than phones in n around 10 k mark. its made of complete metal body(u might find it heavy,bt that is meatl) batterry is good.
    go fr it iff u thinking but yes i like to warn u that like other nokia sets of less than 10 k its nokia s-40 software nt symbian 60 so it wnt run .sis files but only .jar files. however this is only fr those who require it.

  17. great phone with al features the camera clarity is awesome……………………………… the phone is damn good it gives a true value of ones money……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….best phone in this range

  18. hi friends……
    I want to purchase Nokia 6303 c ……Bt i dnt knw anout its Battery…plz tell me about its and Have with cd or Not ?

  19. “hi friends. i need a phone. who’s better phone nokia 2700, 5130, 6303 .plz reply me”

    You should go for the nokia 6208 classic.

  20. Hi friends!
    6303 C is a fantastic mobile compare to in this range…..I suggest u if your budget is within 10000/- this phone is excellent.

  21. i waana buy this, but i really dont know about its current price in mp. sent me it current price…….
    this phone feature sis too good

  22. I got this phone for Rs. 7000 in Bongaigaon, Assam.
    Its sound quality is exactly the same as nokia 5130 xpressmusic through the earphone but 5130 has a louder and better loudspeaker. I can tell this because i have both the phones (5130 and 6303). But if you want better sound quality through earphone then use your own earphones because the earphones provided with this phones gives average sound quality. I use nokia N73’s earphone.

  23. Hi,

    I just bought this handset @Rs. 7500 in Mumbai from PlanetM including Insurance & 2 years warranty.

    Over all its a decent phone at a good price.

  24. hi, i bought N70 2 Years back @10,000/-
    later i came to now its failur model
    now i thought of taking 6303 C
    i don’t want to repeat so plz tell me about this model

  25. I just purchased this phone 2 weeks ago, and to tell u, i iam having a great experience with it. there are many good things about this phone, especially the value for money. but one point i have noticed is that the sound is not the best. iam not saying it is bad, but never expect it to be as loud and clear as in the nokia xpress music phones. the camera quality is just great. I highly recommend this phone for those who are planning to buy a mid-level range phone. Iam sure u would not regret buying this.

  26. frnds could you tell me that what is the battery lyf of this phone talking lyf. means if you start talking with full battry how long you can

  27. i wanna buy dis Nokia 6303 Classic handsets tell me friends how’s is it ???if it’s not good so tell me which one is better apply condition Nokia handset….

  28. where in delhi can ia find it in Silver at cheapest price….i saw in black only in mobile store/hptsopt etc. rs 6800.

    silver pls….

  29. hi i bought it at 6500 rs only is”nt it gr8 can u plz tell me dat its sound quality is better dan nokia 5310 or what thanks i will be gr8full if u reply me thanks

  30. yo!!
    thaks buddies!!!

    realllly is it available in rs 6800??[:O]

    i’ll buy it fo sure!!!!
    i really neened gud quality at low price..

    plz temme
    is dis fone hving hanging prob???
    coz sm of mah previous cell’s button stop wrking smtimes..

  31. Gr8 news the price of this phone has actually dropped by 1000rs…I bought this phone today from big bazaar at 6800rs…Its really worth the money…

  32. I want to know the current price of this phone in kolkata,India. Please send me the price as earliest as possible.

  33. hey i want 2 buy this phone but can someone tell me is the sound quality better than nokia5130……or should i buy nokia 5130 ……..

  34. Hi friends……
    I just purchased it from the shop without knowing any background of this phone.

    I just got amazed abt its camera…
    gr8 Resolution, Good Clearity,..

    Ya, Sound on loudspeaker is not high, but with headphone, u can have blast in ur ears…

    It sounds musically powerfull..

    I mean u cant get better piece of nokia in this price range.

    It is worth to money…

  35. hi guys,
    just got to handle this fone is amazing
    value for money

    i saw it in new delhi at Xcite showroom
    Price tag Rs.7600/- incl of 1 gb MicroSD

  36. im planning to buy a new mobile slim and stylish with a 3 mega pixel camera, 1-2 gb memmory and good battery life and reliability INR 8000- 10000

    what is ur opinion for going with 6303

    tell me urgent

  37. this is the best phone i have ever bought…..excellent value for money…..

    By the way:
    mr. royal did u really buy nokia 6303 or a chinese phone instead!!!….

  38. well i liked it so much.i’m planning to buy this .Can any one tell me the actual price and about the phone….

    Hey…. How is ur new phone?????????

  39. this is the best phone i have ever bought…..excellent value for money…..

    By the way:
    mr. royal did u really buy nokia 6303 or a chinese phone instead!!!…..

  40. i have purchase this mobile last week.. it’s a worst mobile..
    -they say its 3.2 mp camera but works like VGA camera.
    -Sound quality is very poor.
    -Ringer volume and alert sound are poor.(u can’t get the sound when u keep it 10 mts distance)
    -phone is very slow
    -if u talk 10 min u feel some radiation effect.
    soo I suggest don’t purchase nokia 6303.

  41. I bought d same last week for 7660+83(for extending warranty for 1 yr more from delhi. Good net speed(class 32),resolution and overall performance.s4o software. camera not good. Music sound average, like3120 classic. Key pad some little and conjusted but salient. U can also go for 3120 clasic which have 3g also,in lower price.functions r same.

  42. i bought this fone recently and cost is 8,000/- in Nokia Priority delaer in Andhra Pradesh … using it for 15 days
    the fone is good with soe better features and it has draw backs too

    Advantages :

    1.3.2 MP camera for 8k with flash
    2.LCD display
    3.Slim fone
    4.3.5 jack to connect to speakers

    Draw backs :
    1. fone is slow
    2.loud speaker volume is very hard to hear
    3.backup is also not up to the extent

  43. i have purchased nokia 6303 . if i connect to my laptop and internet surfing daily for 3-4 hours is it harmful for my phone life

  44. i bought the nokia set 6303 classic but the cell phone gets heated up when you talk more than 10mts unable to keep near the ear.

  45. this 7805 at planet M with 2 yr warranty Delhi

    For 1 yr. reduce Rs130,,cheaper….still thinking ..go ahead !!!!

  46. I just saw this handset in mrkt ,,fell in luv..went to buy N 2700…but when retailer told me abt this …. luks fantastic…steel body, gud keys dont like coloured buttons but its okay 7800 main wht else one will get…also its fresh luks is fascinating..else all nokia handsets are more over the same…

  47. yea, i also got d same answer, asv8800.00.
    but,wat abt d battery back up?
    is der calltimer on b/ground durin call in prgrs?

  48. im planning to buy a new mobile slim and stylish.
    which is the better one? and why? Nokia 6300 or Nokia 6303? or anyother nokia mobile.
    My price range is between 5000 to 8000 Rs.
    please reply.

  49. What is the price of 6303 model? I inquired in one of the nokia priority dealer in ghaziabad, they told me 8,800

    Please confirm

  50. How is the performance of features , music and phography.It is superior to Nokia 6300,if yes in what respects and features.

  51. im planning to buy a new mobile slim and stylish with a 3 mega pixel camera, 1-2 gb memmory and good battery life and reliability INR 8000- 10000

    what is ur opinion for going with 6303

    tell me urgent