Nokia E63

The new Nokia E63 is designed for people who need to manage their business and personal lives equally well. The Nokia E63 is announced as the mass market messaging device at affordable price. It does not have GPS but sports 3G , Wi-Fi. Alongside a full QWERTY keyboard, Nokia E63 also features:

  • Symbian S60, version 3.1
  • 2.36-inch TFT display screen with 16 million colors and 320×240 pixel
  • Quad band GSM connectivity (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz)
  • 3G (384kbps)
  • Wi-Fi
  • HTML browser
  • Email
  • Nokia Maps
  • Files on Ovi
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • miniUSB 2.0
  • A 3.5mm headset jack
  • Music player
  • FM radio with RDS
  • A 2 MP camera
  • 110MB of internal memory
  • MicroSD & MicroSDHC card support, up to 8GB
  • 126 grams
  • 113 x 59 x 13 mm

E63 Vs E71

The differences between Nokia E63 and Nokia E71:

Nokia E63 Vs Nokia E71

  • The Nokia E63 lacks GPS whereas the E71 has the GPS feature.
  • TheNokia E63 has 2 megapixel camera(no autofocus) whereas the Nokia E71 has 3.2 megapixels camera(autofocus)
  • The Nokia E63 has more plastic colured body as opposed to the metal body of E71.The front is a metallic-finish, whilst the back cover is a soft-touch finish – both attract far few fingerprints than the E71’s.
  • The E63 is nearly identical in dimensions to the E71 except for the depth – the E63 is around 1.5 times the depth of the E71.
  • The E63 has a 3.5mm jack on top versus the E71’s 2.5mm jack on the side.  This appears to be the first E-series to have a standard headphone socket – something normally saved for N-series.
  • The E63 has no side buttons for volume or voice recording.  It’s also missing the E71’s IR window.
  • The E63 has a revised keyboard layout, adding a ‘/’ button on the lower row, shortening the space bar.
  • The E63 appears to have a slightly smaller dimension screen although it is the same 320 by 240 pixels as the E71.
  • The E63 does not support HSDPA data in all models.
  • The E63 has the same 110 MB internal memory, but is shipped without an additional memory card (although a slot to add one is present).
  • The E63 adds a flashlight function that allows the camera’s LED flash to be used as a torch.
  • The E63 lacks the E71’s faux-leather slip case.

Nokia E63 Price

Nokia E63 Price in India : The Nokia E63 price in India is Rs.7,790

It is a value for money phone.The lack of GPS doesn’t make much difference after installing the Google maps application.Go and buy it if you want an affordable,reliable,branded QWERTY mobile phone (make typing long mesages and browsing easy).


  1. This nokia E63 have make me sick….with online. Hw i long to connect the world wit a hand held device. Ple is best smartphone on board.

  2. It does hang like any S60 phone but very rarely. The other high end features of the phone will definitely compensate this drawback.

  3. Hey can somebody confirm this “Hangining problem in E63″.I would like to buy this Phone provided there is no hanging problem and also its more reliable than e71

  4. the phone will execellent…..but surely hannging problem si ther …….. they using wi-fi…. they will be hannged……

  5. Hey can somebody confirm this “Hangining problem in E63”.I would like to buy this Phone provided there is no hanging problem. Thanks

  6. Hi,
    Really fantastic phone from Nokia compare to E71,
    I Like E-63 because i never think of going to cafe for
    browsing my mail.
    All i can see were ever i like. Even with WiFi, it very good.

    Really go for it , Fantastic Colour and bigger keypad with great feature.

  7. The people who finds themselves in problem of confusion while making a decision between e63 and e72 should be knowing that the only difference in both the phones is that in e62 there is 2 megapixels camera while in e72 there is 3.2 megapixel camera and other than this e63 has an plastic finished body and e72 is metallic finished body. People who are looking for an good camera and strong body should go for e72 and people looking for affordable and good featured phone should go for e63

  8. hi, the price of lockwala is Rs.11,400/=, compared to city outlets. One can wait and buy when price comes down. good phone to communication.

  9. what is the price of e63 and e71 or else could u suggest me some other cell with in the range of 10000 with same features

  10. how to repair the sound system of e63 because the my e63 mobile sound is very low.
    & i want 2 know price of e63 ?

  11. wht is the latest prize of E63,My Bugget is App.-9000/- & one more thing i wnt 2 knw abt E63 is that,when i received a mail with attachment,the attachment will open or nt?
    Awaiting ur reply

  12. hi ,
    Seriously tel u …………………….i like E63….
    Its really sexy in look……………..
    all d colors r superv……..
    PLs tell me d prize………………….

  13. E63 is better than E71, Because its price is low compare to E71,Almost all good future better to buy.good batter power etc, good colours not like e71,my choice is E63 go for it…

  14. What is the current price of E63?

    Rintu borogain:

    3G is the 3rd gen mobile technology to be come in India very soon (Currently we are using 2.5G mobile network.) It will provide the features like video conferencing, color SMS etc. 3G phones can work in a 3G network as well as 2.5G network.

  15. hie…..
    main ek mobile purchase karna chahta hu konsa karu ????(10000to18000)
    e71 kaisa phone h and price kya h?
    e72 ki price kya h??

  16. I am considering buying E63. specifications seems interesting. Only 1 qurie I have is… does it have GPS in built like E71? if it hasn’t, then whts the solution or how to find GPS in E63??? please help

  17. Hi,

    I want to purchase the Nokia E63.
    Kindly let me know which is the good Nokia E71 Or Nokia E63.

    Awaiting for your reply.

  18. i have one e63 model,when ever i want mail some one i can’t find the attachment theren facing so much problem, giv me a solution.

  19. e63 comes for around 12Gs… good one to buy… lil more than the htc p3200… anyone knows if corby’s got pdf or office reader? is it downloadable?

  20. Hi.. All
    Yaar i m in problem…
    which phone should i purchase ??
    B”Oz.. I think both phone is gud.. but what is the main difference between these two phone..
    Both phone are Wi-Fi, 3G.. but why should i purchase E71 ??
    Help me..

  21. i like this phone soooo much. i want to buy this phone as soon as possible but i can buy it in January only. i miss this phone till that time. i will buy red on.

    i love E 63



  22. I like the set because of good looks & features, but the price is slightly high, it should be less than Rs.10000

  23. I just buy and experience that no one mobile is like E63. It has low speaker effects but its functions are so easy that can use such like as nokia – 6600 and n73. and its cost is much low as compare to any other mobile company. (as compare to its function and durability) It is 3g,

  24. Hi all, after reading so many comments on e63 i m still confuse that i but it or not?
    but i will take risk to buy the phone..
    but this phone like never before in this value….

  25. E63: 11,000 and E71 : 16,800/

    Those who cant go beyond 5000-6000 but want to have a BUSINESS PHONE in hand, try MICROMAX Q3 Ezpad , it looks like Blackberry and costs just 4200.

    These rates are from : 22 Oct. 2009


  26. i was also confused which cell to buy before buying..n i blindly bought e63 with my brother’s suggestion. n trust me guys..this is simply superb..its easy,stylish,handy,fully loaded and more than required funtionalities are available in this. its costs me 10950 but it worths…

  27. hellooo…!
    I just buy and experience that no one mobile is like E63. It has low speaker effects but its functions are so easy that can use such like as nokia – 6600 and n73. and its cost is much low as compare to any other mobile company. (as compare to its function and durability) It is 3g,

  28. I’ve just bought Nokia E 53..
    I think it will serve my purpose.
    Could anyone write whether this can be directly connected to a LCD projector ?

  29. my latest buy is the samsung touch, amazing phone with a bunch of applications easy-to-use and best part the phone never hangs. I am quite happy with this buy.

  30. I just sold my e71, pathetic phone, lot of hanging problems and the keys are quite uncomfortable to handle. . .

  31. e63 is a good handset .
    but i get frequent problem in loading songs vedio throgh data card. my mobile hanged for a long time. i could not find a remedy till now.
    if there is please give.

  32. hiiiiiiii friends i finally buy the e 63 it is really a great phone with all feature for just 10980 rupees……….it is a value for money phone….

  33. Guys I just Bought the set. Have been giving it the rough treatment for a few days, an I am mightily IMPRESSED

  34. hai nokia tech: i need to one option for call voice regards ( spy call ) default phone, otherwise E63 is good model. 


  36. spinning the coin to choose between E63 and E71(only concern about the hanging issue in E63)… can anybody clarify on this count…

  37. can any tell me what is the current price of e63………on mobile store website it is display the rate of 11169 but i do not know it is including tax or nit so plz help me tell me thew exact price of e63………….thanx……..

  38. Sir,
    I wish to find out if the Nokia E63 comes with the following: 1. faux-leather slip case
    2. A leather Pouch
    3. A USB connecting cable


  40. hey guyzz.. M usin this fon frm last 3 months ..its a gr8 piece.. I can download & upload 3gp, mp4, mp3 files documents of all types directly to th fon itself.. Can upload pics to orkut directly …or ny other site… ease to surf with the curser… Can open ny no. Of windows (internet) at the same time can download a no. Things at the same time above all gr8 fon…

  41. hey its a very cooool phone…. but actualy its a business phone…. i m doing my bba…. it realy helps me in doing my presentations faster…. and internet spped or gprs which we call is very fast then other phones….if u r going for it…. plz keep in mind that it is a business phone

  42. Really a gr8 device. Minimal differnce wth E 71….( Camera, Memory Card etc.)… purchased on 15 th Aug. Costed me 12500 wth a Nokia bluetooth device…The ph d Nokia PC suite CD….& hangs often….Otherwise its your pride & neighbours’ envy…

  43. I really likw this fone. And when I went to purchase it, I bought 2 phones in one go. But later I faced a probelm. it was getting hangged often. Thats the only prob.

  44. Its a wonderful phone and I bought it on 2nd August for Rs. 12,800….. This phone is simply cool…..feels wonderful to have such a handset in your hand…..I love stylish phones and this one was the right choice for me….

  45. yup da very first day i bought it 6th of august…it got hanged…after that…i ven’t experienced da same till now….ultimate fone…costs me 12200 INR….including 1GB card…use it with sony walkman earphones…has got great sound…..
    shortcut one touch keys make it more handy n ease of access…wonderful small but very useful features…like using its flash as torch on pressing space bar for few seconds….long press n short press of one touch keys for diff functions…inbuilt dictionary….winzip, adobe for PDF files…
    a complete mini computer in ur hand….

  46. hey its a superb phone it had been2 months of i have been using it. all of dem who wants buy it dont hesitate n buy it wid ur closed eyes.

  47. I purchased the phone last month…its awesome.
    As of the sound quality its superb and very clear.

    I purchased it for Rs.12800/-

    The QWERTY keypad is so smooth that I can type messages very quickly.

    Its actually a value-for-money phone

  48. E63 is good comapred to E71.. you can save 6000 bugs if you don’t think of megapixels & slimness

    E63 Rocks….

  49. hi guys.u can get this phone for 12100 at wavetel store subhiksha its around 12300.its really nice phone.worth for money.i m fully satisfied with my E63

  50. ive got an e63..then when i recieved a 3g call…why i should turn it around to face the cam so that my callerhe will see me?hehhehe
    it has only 1 cam….

  51. @
    Mahesh says:
    June 19, 2009 at 2:42 pm

    I was on shoestring budget, wanted a querty mobile with wifi, E63 was the best bet! I bought it for 12500INR from RPG-Cellcomm at Pune-India.

    Can u specify the address of the shop…??? i m indeed interested in buying one from pune..


  52. Hi All,
    I am planning to buy a set. Which one would be a better deal Nokia E63 or HTC touch viva.

    Thank you in advance!!

  53. I was on shoestring budget, wanted a querty mobile with wifi, E63 was the best bet! I bought it for 12500INR from RPG-Cellcomm at Pune-India.

    The phone is best in its class for this price. I’ve downloaded “Ultimate Theme” from, do check themes out from there, I want a full-antivirus for it, can anyone help?

  54. This review infact help me to buy either an e71 or e63.anyway i bought an e71 in the end which i believe to be the right decision.

  55. The Review and user opinion is a very good support to the buyers.. I was confused which business mob to buy after I lost my HTC Touch.. Now I decided to buy E63.. Thanks all..

  56. hi,
    I’m planning to buy this mobile E63. I’m looking for Anti-theft software like Wavesecure, Phone Guardian but all these supports E71 but I don’t understand why not E63.
    Can you suggest me please?



  57. i’m using this phone right works great but has some issues.
    Poor camera and lack of volome controls is a big minus.
    But to give it credit it did come with a data cable,1 Gb card and headphones.and it also has 3g connectivity unlike most of the blogs say it doesnt have.

  58. DR KHANNA,
    i tried calling the no. mentioned in your post but the operator says it is incorrect.
    am interested in buying the phone asap and wanted to know where i could pick it up from.
    i reside in mumbai and am interested in the black piece. please contact me at

  59. i’m in love wit d fone. just tell me d price and let go and buy it right away. what’s d price of E63 please? send it 2 my mail box now now now……
    or call +2342212990 or +2347082089886

  60. i’m in love wit d fone. just tell me d price and let go and buy it right away. what’s d price of E63 please? send it 2 my mail box now now now……

  61. I had one in Black color, @12800 … paid the premium as this color was available only on Nokia priority…. i love the ph ….

  62. Whether the Blue tooth head set is provided with the E 63 Nokia model. Whether Sony blue tooth set will work with E 63 Model?

  63. hello friends,
    i was confused that which mobile phone i have to choose.? but the compare between E63 and E71 help me more.
    and i bought E63.
    really nice mobile. paisa vasool phone..

  64. pls close ur nokia service centre in ranchi jharkhand located at p.p.compound the guys there are simply untolerable

  65. The price of E63 as in Vijay sales is Rs14500. and also it does come with a data cable to be bought separately.