Nokia E72 Price

The new Nokia E72 mobile phone is the successor of the one of the most popular cell phone of Nokia – the Nokia E71. The additional features in the new Nokia E72 (in comparison to the Nokia E71) are :

  • 5 megapixel camera
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Integrated compass for enhanced GPS navigation experience
  • HSUPA (up to 2Mbps)
  • 10.2Mbps HSDPA (high speed 3G)
  • An optical navigation pad which works as an optical trackpad for going through menus and applications

The rest of the features in the new Nokia E72 mobile phone are same as those in the Nokia E71 i.e.:

  • 2.4-inches QVGA landscape screen display,320Ă—240 pixels
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • microSD (TransFlash),4GB card included
  • Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP,EDGE,GPRS,aGPS,USB v2.0 microUSB
  • Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g
  • MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player,FM radio
  • Up to 10 hour 30 min talk-time


Nokia E72 Price in India

Nokia E72 Price in India :The new Nokia E72 is available in India at price of Rs.16,200.

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  1. What’s the latest price? i want to buy it around mid it Rs 19,200? will it go down any further anytime soon?

  2. superb yaar is so good to use an official phone.. if any one is buying n97 pls try e72 u will be remember me.. i had first n97 and change to e72 … superb handset sexy look.

  3. i would like to know whether this phone has any problems or else i would buy it asap…. by the way this phone is awesome as i know…

  4. yes it is in Nokia-NPD only.
    colour available-zodium black/preferrable too.
    Trust me this phone rocks.
    simply all under 1 roof.

  5. people this phne is not even avaliable in the us…i tried in canada as well but no luck as i called in india to my frens to knw when is coming out,they had no clue,,,,but i called my friend in nokia tday and got to knw this phne is comming out around nov 15 the delay is because of the stock with dealers…after the 72 no body will buy the 71…and its price is 22,800 ,,,,,,,,,,,so any body gets to knw more pls tell and if its a way i can get this phne in canada…i want this phne bad and its gona take 6 more months to come to canada… :((

  6. hey guys …..good news………… priority shops r delivered with the e72 dummy by tomorro…………so the piece comes in action by monday…………grey market started already

  7. Marty
    what is your source of info? I have been waiting for this phone for quite sometime.. and i m running out of patience.. might go with some other model if this does not come out sooner..

    so please gimmi your source..

  8. hey this fone is about to launch in the first week of november this year. the cost will be 22k. its a feature rich handset and worth purchasing. i am waitin to buy this fone. asap.

  9. When The Mobile launch I Will Buy on day I am waiting for this phone for last 2 months…………………………??

  10. Hey disha,its a nice choice to buy a nokia e 72.i am waitig for this phone for more than a said ur budget is 20000.but to tell u its goin to b arnd 23500 INR.So i guess u will have to increase ur budget a bit.i am sayin it bcoz the ph is worth of every penny paid………expecting the phone by christmas shopping fest.

  11. Nokia priority still does not have any due date for E72. Nokia is mainly waiting to reduce its stock of E71 and E75 which might be difficult to sell after the launch of E72.

    I personally dont feel this is the right tactic to increase sales and clear your stock. There might be many who instead of waiting for E72 might go ahead and purchase another phone like BlackBerry (instead of a Nokia E71 or E75)

    This is sad but maybe the best that Nokia think tank can do to get their pending devices sold.

  12. Finally suppliers speak out to the queries……..some big bosses say that nokia e72 is to be launched on 18th of confirmed 97%.So guys try n get to ur piggies………i guess the wait is over.

  13. when is the E72 releases in bangalore….. i have to purchase a cell where i don think i can wait long for this so please let me know soon………………………

  14. Hi I like the phone but was wondering what’s the RF signal of this product. used a e71 which refused to get doin the basic connectivity for network. please check all blogs befor purchasing this product as the e72 abroad also has the similar problem. hope nokia have looked into the matter and have had it resolved


  15. i called two nokia galleries in mumbai.
    one said to check by next week and it should be out anytime before diwali.
    next one said it will be out in diwali so i think you can expect the phone to release anytime between 28th september to 17th ocotber.
    i think only zodium black colour will be released first and then in the coming months topaz brown and silver will follow.
    price is expected to be between INR 23k to 25k

  16. i just spoke to a nokia store representative in cp today and he said the e72 will take atleast 2 months more to arrive ..

  17. Its a awesum phone nd d features are nicely describd..
    Even d pictures r interesting but it shd also hav a picture
    Showing d slide e72..but over all its gr8..

  18. would like 2 knw d date of availability of it in market or in nokia stores, and d cost of d cel in indian market.

  19. I am waiting for this phone for last 25 days , so can anyone tell me when will this phone be available in the Market

  20. It was a nice presentation of the mobile E 72. I like to see. Nice system about usb mini, key board,internal systems and show of the mobile. I think the mobile key pad is extraordinary bcz it seems like a pamtop computer.