The new Nokia N97 Mini is a bit smaller and a bit compact version of the Nokia N97.The new Nokia N97 mini mobile features a metal battery cover and has a superior build quality than the Nokia N97.The inbuilt memory in the new Nokia N97 mini is 8GB as compared to 32GB in Nokia N97.There is no lense cover in Nokia N97 mini whereas N97 does have a lense cover.The D menu button from the Nokia N97’s keyboard has been removed in the N97 mini which will improve the keyboard design ergonomically.

The N97 mini’s software features kinetic scrolling which is not yet in the N97.
Rest there are not much differences in the Nokia N97 min and the N97.


Price:The price difference between both the phone will be around Rs.7,000 i.e. Nokia N97 min will cost around Rs.24,000 in India.