Ovi Maps is always with you on your mobile. Take free maps worldwide, explore places you need nearby, and let Maps show you the way. On foot or in the car, Maps can direct you to your destination turn-by-turn, starting from right where you are.

The Nokia Ovi 3.0 is the latest version of Nokia Ovi Maps software, used in more than 40 of Nokia’s GPS-enabled handsets is now available for download.It has improved maps, enhanced pedestrian and drive navigation, plus more great features. It features high resolution satellite and terrain maps in both 2D and 3D views, as well as 3D landmarks for more than 200 large cities. These 3D landmarks allows users to view the virtual landmarks with fly-overs, fly-throughs, in a night view and by rotating and tilting the perspective. There is also a new Walk mode for navigating on foot, while the Drive mode provides speed limit information, location of speed cameras, real-time traffic and lane assistance.A weather service is integrated as well, providing users with 24-hour and five-day forecasts for a particular location.


Download The Nokia Ovi 3.0 maps here.