The Telecom companies STD charges competition seems to be boiling(after heating ;)) now.India’s second largest telecom operator Vodafone has announced 50 paise STD+Local offer as Regional STD @ 50p/min.For example in North India buy a bonus card (price depends on state) and call whole north India @50p/minute.For example , In Delhi & NCR buy a Bonus Card worth Rs 74 and make STD calls to Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, UP E, UP W and Rajasthan at 50p / min.

In Karnatka,Vodafone has gone one step forward and announced a Rs.75 (77 for new customers) recharge with three months validity including all STD,Local,and SMSs to anywhere in India @50 paise.

Let’s see what is coming next guys….in such consumer companies competition consumer is the King… ūüôā