Samsung Guru Muzik

Samsung Guru Muzik is a budget CDMA music mobile phone from Samsung featuring MP3 player,FM radio with recording,music shortcut keys,and microSD card slot with up to 2GB capacity.It comes with a free 1GB microSD card .
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The key features of the new Samsung Guru Muzik B519 mobile phone are:

  • Band : 800 MHz
  • Screen : 65000 Colour CSTN, 1.63” Size & 128×128 pixels resolution
  • Size : 108 x 45.7 x 15.5 mm
  • Battery : 1000 mAh (Li-Ion)
  • Talk Time : Up to 4 Hrs*
  • Standby Time : Up to 285 hrs*
  • Phone Book : 500 (x3)
  • SMS : 300 (Inbox + Outbox + Draft)
  • Call register : 300 ( Incoming, Outgoing, Missed)
  • Internal memory : up to 3.5MB
  • External memory  : Micro SD support up to 2GB
  • Language : English
  • Data connectivity  : Not support for using as modem , for internet access.
  • Free Accessories  : Travel Adaptor, Stereo Ear-phone & 1GB micro SD card

Samsung Guru - Muzik (3)
Samsung guru muzik offer

Samsung Guru Muzik Price

Samsung Guru Muzik Price in India : The new Samsung Guru Muzik is available in India at price of Rs.2,200  in India.


  1. Hi, i jus want to know, is it possible to connect guru muzik sch b519 mobile with pc via usb, if yes then i need usb drivers of this phone to connect with pc.

  2. I what this Samsung Guru Muzik phone i m from jamshedpur plz sugest.

    Waiting for your affairmative reply

    by the way the features of this phone is great

  3. I am using it since 3days….it is good low budget phone……


    1.Good battery..
    2.Very loud & clear sound system…
    3.Good n/w catching power…..
    4.Good FM reception & very loud & clear FM recording….
    5.offline profile available…..
    6.Good after sale service….
    7.Good headphone……

    1..jpg file not supported… background music play….
    3.bad music player screen…. bluetooth…… customised/mp3 sms tone…..
    6.small resolution…

    But this phone is worth to buy…it is good for calling & music needs……till now I am happy with this phone…..

  4. Hay Anu & Madhav

    This type of problems depend on your Service Proveder not for your Handset because the Network Method is CDMA Technology and its not Compair with our GSM technology

    But I Advice to You, to set some settings on your Mobile i.e. go to settings and then call settings or what ever and then voice clearity and set up it to enhanced if it is in already enhansed then please select Stranded..

    Hope It may be solved…. And one thing that when you talk dont touch the upper side of your mobile because there is a internal antena….

    Thank You

    For Further Quaries don’t hesitate Call me 09831266586
    or Mail me

  5. Hi antanu, gud morning, recently i hav puchased samsung schb519 mobile, I want to know by default password, & also how long we hav to charge battery for 1st week..plz reply me on my email id…your help is highly appreciated …thnx…..

  6. I have purchased this phone long back since from the day one i am having problem with this phone everybody complains that my voice is breaking or they cant hear properly whereas their voice is clear to me i have approached samsung service center they have updated my software nad gave me back but same problem and no response from them if i call them its a waste phone.

  7. can u explain why there is a problem at the receiving end when i call some numbers, they just cannot hear me or there is a kind of break in the voice?………if it is a problem with the hardware or software plz let me know.

  8. Dear Mahesh,

    If your handset not cover 6 months from the purchase date warranty then you can replace your Headset easily…… from any of the Authorized Samsung service center and they will have to replace It….

    Thank You

  9. hi i purchased samsung guru519sch-b519 3 months ago it is july2009 manufacturing firstly the headset was good but later on the headset is nit working properly.

  10. hi from last 4year i am a loyal custamer of samsung .i have purchased many products from samsung just this month i brought samsung sch-b519 muzik mobile after using this product i will never buy samsung and recommend these products due to its worst function & display as its stand by is less than 24 hours

  11. Hay Dear

    Deepansha & Pawan

    At First I told you that you have to use a data cable (Normal Samsung DATA cable) with new Samsung PC Manager software which can downloadable on below site in software & manuals section

    Install and connect Your mobile for Load any Mp3 or .bmp or .png images for wallpaper (160 x 160 resolution) or you can use Memory card reader (Micro SD)….

    And Pawan I told in early that this Handset are not use as a External Modem so it can’t be use for surfing Net on PC but you can surf the Net on your Mobile, for that you have to get settings Manually from your Service Provider…

    Thank You…….

  12. hi dear friend i have samsung sch-b519 cdma phone i want to use internet please tell me the procedure how can i do it ? I also triend it from tata zone but there was no option to download internet explorer please help

  13. B519 is only gud for Music .
    Guys remember this phone is not all in one gizmo.

    Reliance netconnect is not supported on this phone and jpg image is not supported

    Brew application is installed but even in this secnario you can not use many of brew apps becoz of internal memoriy and architecture restriction.

    so before buying this mobile remember
    this is not all in phone
    2) this is not bluetooth or infrared enable
    3) it is handy and support external microsd card supported.

    Let me know further queries

  14. hey i purchased samsung 519 muzic just now but i dont kniow how to uplaod songs to my memory card? cam u guide me plzzz..

  15. Hey Sunny

    You choose a very handy, stylish & power full music Phone…. in Very affordable price on CDMA market…

  16. Hi Atanu ,
    since when i purchased Guru519 i had been facing problems with saving images .. but later it`s been sorted out through the help of ur replies .. i have also been convined with the battery back up … but i`m facing problem with the option of call rejection .. when i am selecting “all incoming calls with the option of ON/Alert” is not working at all … & “select all” to call reject …. and i am using Indicom`s no. so can i also access internet facility on my phone … ???? please reply me at ur better convenience …. thanx !!

  17. Dear All,
    I Think for will be purchase on samsung B519 Muzik Guru Handset,But As per the different-diferent feadback.pls I want to Know Some think for using this Mobile.
    1.Is it heating while talking long time.
    2.What’s the battery back up.
    3.Any problem for voice echo.

    pls give me the reply & how many times to using this phone….

  18. dear sir,
    i have purchased this guru muzik 15 days back and there is problem with day 1 with it, as it suddenly mutes while speaking for around 5 sec,other person cant hear us, also if you use it for continuous talking for around 25 min, it becomes fully hot and also while charging also it becomes fully hot, first time i have purchased samsung and this is the horrible experience and today i took it for service but those buggers says that it has got software problem and they reinstalled it but muting problem still there, i said it has got some hardware problem, they are not at all listens to you, they were checking my patience since i have sat there for 2hrs and still no solution to the problem inturn they are telling me that the phone is perfect, infront of them only i have called one of my friend and they couldnt hear me properly and when i told them this problem once again they are saying that phone is perfect, my patience broke and warned those people not to cheat customers like this. i have given my phone there and they said they will check it and give it in two days. those people dont know what is software problems and hardwares problems, they are simply there for gup. please suggest me in case they dont solve the problem where should i consult ????? any phone number of samsung india main sales division or service divisional manager number ??? pls give their number if one have it.

  19. Dear All my Friends,,,

    After some time letter I am giving some useful supports to you about the SAMSUNG SCH B519 Muzik Guru Handset…….

    At frist you have to know that this handset is very affordable price for CDMA technologies. And it can be use for any CDMA connection provider i.e. Reliance, TATA, Virgin, MTS, etc and its have great Music Quality for music lovers in my knowledge.

    Dear friends its FM recorded sound is very much loud & clear and I 100% asure you this have to catch your mind satisfaction.

    I also state you that don’t believe in fake comments, because its 200% suports .bmp & .png image format in 160 x 160 pic resolution. if any problem with that please call me 09831266586 (Kolkata).

    Dear friend its can’t play any video (says Samsung) but I will try if its hope full then I told you..

    Dear friend this Handset have a modem so you can brows internet on your Mobile But you can’t brows it on your Computer (Not to use as a usb or Bluetooth Modem),, for that you have to get the settings from your service provider…

    added Somethings inportant those Friends are suffering with there Handsets batteris, I suggest they must go to Samsung Authorised service Center and replace the battery….
    and those friends are willing to buy this Handset or any Samsung Mobiles then please recharge the battery for a hole Night (10-12 hrs) before the first use… then you haven’t suffer this type of problems….

    Thank You

    For Further Quaries don’t hesitate Call me 09831266586
    or Mail me

  20. hi,
    i have recently purchased samsung muzik 519 CDMA mobile but even when i do not use it for 12 hours, its battery discharges in 12 hours after full charge.
    is there something wrong with the battery?
    do i have to replace batteries?

  21. hi….
    i purchased samsung Guru Muzik 519 CDMA phone and follow ur instructions for uploading the images in .png and .bmp (160 x 160) format but still is nt working plz help me out.

  22. Hi Atanu,

    I brought this Samsung B519, now i want to use internet with data cable i have with me, and i had installed PCSTUDIO in my laptop downloaded from samsungcdma site, PC sys is working fine but internet is not working / nor able to dail #777 which is Reliance Netconnect number , kindly help me out ..

    with regards
    Vikram Pustake

  23. i have not seen such a shit phone in my life.battery backup is poor.i have purchased last month for 3500/-rs and there are a lot of problem and i have been to the service centre they guys never listen u have to sit there for 2-3 hours and still there was problem in my memory card and it’s been 5 days it have not been replaced yet.according to my point of view one should not buy this phone.

  24. How to display .JPG and .JPEG images. Is there any other software needed? By using .BMP images the performance of the mobile is very less. Is there any alternative?

  25. Hi Atanu

    I am planning to buy this phone samsung guru muzik SCH-B519. I wanna know does this give decent music to listen. i wanna know even about the battery life.

    thx in advance

  26. Hi, I’m using a Samsung Guru Muzik (SCH-B519) handset. I’ve copied some pictures (jpg,jpeg) files from my computer. When I try to see it in my mobile the file exist there but I can’t open the file. It gives an error “File format not supported”. Please help ME URGENLTY ON MY EMAIL ADDRESS. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

  27. i wanted to know which images can be viewed in the mobile.(.jpg) format does not work.plz reply on this site as soon as possible.

  28. i bought B519 LAST WEEK…..yes it has drawbacks like not supporting jpg images… internet browser…..but within rs.3000 it get quite a good music feature for cdma peoples….if u want to upload images simply follow following procedure….
    1.u must have Adobe Photoshop software the images in that
    3.simply change the image size to 128*128 resolution….
    4.then save as bmp. file of respective image.
    5. u did it dude……………….
    if anyone wants more information then email to me….…..
    I hope all peoples regarding B519 got satisfied………………….
    seeee yaaaaaa…

  29. Hi, NAYEEM

    Your Handset have not a camera so its not supports any video clip. but your handset are support wallpapers with 160 x 160 resolution in .bmp & .png format.

    For further quaries call me to 9831266586

  30. Hi Bhaskar & Vivek

    Your Handset is Supports .bmp & .png wallapers in 160 x160 Resolution, you can convert pics with Microsoft Office Picture manager 2003, and bhaskar please Replace your Battery from any of the Samsung Authorised Service center..

    You can call me on 9831266586 & also mail me

  31. I have taken samsung B519 on 17.09.09 and i am not convinced with the battery is the battery backup not good?? i want to know this….. and i bought it for Rs.3100 is this price ok??

  32. hi atanu ..i baught guru muzik b519 cdma.m using tata indicom…but i am fed up with uploading images or wall papers inthat people told 120 by 120 size pictures…but its not fit ..even jpg..not fit..then what to do with this 2 gb!!!!

  33. Dear Pratik S. Shah

    This Samsung B519 has 1000 ph Book entry capacity & 500 Massage storage capacity. So don’t worry..

  34. Hi Ankur,

    Your Samsung B519 has 1000mph Battery Capasity so don’t worry, Its stand by time 7 days and Talk time is 4-5 hours

  35. i always like to use Nokia made phone but unfortunately there no cdma phone from Nokia right now i convinced use samsung but there is no information available for the phonebook memory and msg storage capacity thats why i an confused.

  36. hi ATANU,
    i lost my ear phones . where shuold i get original one . please tel me cost also… n i want upload my pictures.. which format i can use…
    thanks in advance..

  37. Hey Tuhin,

    Dear You can’t set any theme on your Samsung B519 or any of Samsung Mobiles which range near about Rs. 6000.00…

  38. Hi Atanu,

    Can you please comment on the battery life of the phone because that is the major drawbacks with CDMA phones. Also please if you can tell how much the new battery will cost as I have a heavy usage of say 2 or more hours per day.

  39. Hey Tuhin You Can’t set Custom Theme on samsung B519 and also other Samsung Mobiles in the range of Rs. 8000.00

  40. Hi! Everyone, I have just visited a local shop of Samsung & there I came to know about Guru-B519. I like the model, looks, sound bla bla bla….. But I just really want to know about it’s BATTARY LIFE. Because most of CDMAs has very poor battary life, even it drop out it’s charge within few hours doesn’t matter for a new battary while talking. Please clear my thought. Thanks in advance

    use Microsoft 2003 picture manger to edit the picture and export in to png or bmp
    use 128 * 128 pixel

  42. Can we set our own display theme for samsung guru muzik other than the default ones? if yes how?

    and by the way it supports .bmp and .png extensions like atanu said.

  43. Hi Atanu,
    thanx for sharing good info.
    Well I have decided to go for same Handset.
    I want following info:
    1.Current price/better deal/dealer in Delhi
    2.Battery Life
    3.Music file formats supported.
    4.Picture files format supported.
    5.Looks of handset.
    And any merits demerits if known.

  44. THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!! ATANU…..

  45. Dear Shiva,

    You can buy this Mobile, its very handy, great looks & have very loud stereo sound,

    But there is one problem that is, its have not play the musik in background thats mean while you play the musik you can’t do anything on your mobile. although Call Incoming is on, so don’t worry,,, afterall its CDMA

  46. Dear Sujoy, you have to download Samsung PC Manager
    and get settings from Reliance or TATA Both for GPRS there after you can connect it to your PC..

    This PC Manager Available on “”

    You can call me 09831266586 or mail me

  47. helo evryone!!!!!!
    i am going to buy samsung guru muzik….
    send me the features of the mobile and demerits…..
    is it avail in chennai?
    is the TATA providing any offers with this….
    above all says that v cant minimize mp3 or fm
    i cant understand ?
    explain me clearly…..

  48. Dear ATANU,
    can I connect GURU MUSIC 519 to computer for Internet surfing? And how to do it? Please please guide me. If I purchased it from Tata Indicom True value shop, will it work for TATAINDICOM and RELIANCE both?

  49. Dear ATANU,
    can I connect GURU MUSIC 519 to computer for Internet surfing? And hoe to do it? Please please guide me. If I purchased it from Tata Indicom True value shop, will it work for TATAINDICOM and RELIANCE both?

  50. Dear Friend You can now enjoy to connect your Samsung B519 Guru Muzik with pc via USB cable…

    there is also you can do PC sync, File Transfer, Massage Read & Write, Phonebook Edit & backup Internet and many more… Its 100% done.

  51. Dear all of my friend,

    Every thing which I say in early about the Samsung B519 Guru Muzik is 100% True and I can proved It. Its can be Connect via USB by Samsung Pc manager Software..

  52. Dear
    Shreeniwas Lele I am Your Friend Not Sir

    This Samsung Can’t Connect with PC via USB cable

    But if you Download the Samsung Guru Muzik PC Manager From Samsung Web site “” Then you connect

  53. Hi

    Dear MANISH,

    Your Mobile Handset Samsung B519 Guru Muzik Supports .bmp & .png Images, You can convert any
    images into .bmp & .png with any images converter but remember convert into a “small size”…

    There is a simple way to convert images, I telling you that do you have Microsoft Office 2003 ? if yes
    then You can right click on any images and open with Picture Manager then go to export in file tab,
    after click you can see a window open in Right side then select the .bmp format and select small email
    160 X 160 size and select output folder and then save it with closing the application, , ,

    Then you can transfer the picture on your Samsung B519 and ENJOY…

    Thank You…

  54. as it said by atanu and kris.. both .bmp and .png format was not working… still am getting the “not supported file”.. i dont know what type of file it will support… really it is a headache model…pls… dont buy this model..

  55. I bought this phone few days back.
    It lacks many features lyk–

    1. cant minimize music player and FM.
    2. Songs available in memory card are not visible directly in Music player. We have to make playlist to play music through music player.
    3. All MP3 files are not supported. Phone restarts when I play some music files of .MP3 format.
    4. Can’t copy from memory card to phone memory.

    However this phone has got some excellent features lyk powerful battery, Loud and clear sound, excellent network coverage and attractive look.

    Average buy in Rs 3400 as there isn’t more option for CDMA in market.

  56. hey any1 plz help me out becoz ur recommended images file format of .png and .bmp is not supported by this phone plllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz help…………

  57. hey who has told that png and bmp images arte working n this phone is completely fake..!

    plz infrm us how to see images in ths phone?
    realy disgusting phone

  58. dis phone iz nt supporting .png nd .bmp format images. i hav tried so many times bt it iz showing message ‘Not supported type’. any 1 cn help me.

  59. Manish, as Atanu stated before on “July 28, 2009 at 2:49 pm” you can use .png or .bmp format images as wallpapers.

  60. I just bought this mobile yesterday. It is not too good mobile though ok. What I want to say is, there is no option to copy SD card files to phone memory.

    Atanu: Hi, is there any USB cable available for this phone to data transfer / recharge from laptop?

  61. hi,
    Anyone can tell me, which types of image files will support this new B519 phone.
    I’ve uploaded bmp and jpg formats image file, but when I try to open this file showing message ‘Not supported type’

  62. Hi,

    I need to press the “end call” button twice to end a call. Do you too?

    Also how to change the time zones in “dual clock” display?

  63. I cannnot connect pc to phone thru usb cable using pc studio 3. Phone is detected and drivers are loaded, phone displays information pc activation, but then no sync happens, file>connect fails. pl help.

  64. The tata indicom people don’t know about this offer in Kerala. They said there is no such handset and offer. They have only two handsets samsung super hero and samsung hero 189. I think they are ‘the frogs in the pot’. I am interested in the guru muzik handset and looking to buy it to use in my MTS connection.

  65. this phone is having serious drawback tht we cant play music n work on phone simultaneously…..v badddddddddddd…

  66. a manual smaller than mallika’s clothes,image format not yet invented?,battery discharges like a typical indian male. damn i hate this phone.can u complain if u have only3300/ i ur pocket

  67. Hello Friend “Nikhil Patni”

    Hi I am ATANU From Kolkata, Dear friend this Samsung
    SCH B519 Muzik is also support TATA Indicom Connection…. You only Brought a TATA Indicom CDMA SIM(UIM) and put it in to your B519 Mobile & lets Enjoy…

  68. Halo,I purchased sch-b 519 model recently.
    but it does not show any images.
    Whanever you try that-Displayed message is “not supported type”.
    I asked to samsung service center.They replied that it displays .mp4 images.Has anyone heard of .mp4 image format?

  69. The manual provided with the phone is not enough & clear instructions not given.Many simple features lacking.Not user friendly.

  70. Really, samsung b519 model is very good. im new for samsung brand. my existing brand is sony ericsson. but now i like this much. sound is very good. more effort ful for this cost.