Samsung Omnia: Trying to Kill Apple Iphone with Killer Features

Samsung Omnia new mobile phone model from Samsung trying to compete with Apple IPhone. Samusng Omnia features new touch screen interface with 3.2″ inch WVGA Screen and Windows 6.1 Mobile OS. Samsung Omnia having 5 mega pixel camera with Auto focus (better then Apple iphone), face, smile detection and all networking features like wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS etc…

samsung omnia

Apple just launched there most awaited apple iphone with 3G and GPS Features with very impressive price tag $199.

But after new Apple iphone release let’s see how it going to compete with Apple iphone in terms of Price and popularity.

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  1. $199 just one of the price points offered, and by far the cheapest of the offers. But here’s the catch; it’s the price you pay for getting the iPhone 3g under contract, and the monthly commitment under that scheme is…a measly $250 a month. And even then you don’t get unlimited data (up to 6gb, i think).

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple. Heck, I’m writing this from my Macbook Pro. But that price point makes the iPhone 3g look a lot more of a bargain than it actually is. Just my two cents, but the Iphone 3G is wayyyy to expensive. Give me the Innov8 or the n95 8 gb over the iPhone 3g any day