Samsung Star WiFi -

Samsung Star WiFi S5230W is the upgraded version of the popular Samsung Star mobile phone.As the name suggest it is Samsung Star with WiFi.The only (but important) upgradation is Wireless LAN feature in the new Samsung Star WiFi.It does not have 3G (3G version of the Samsung Star is the Samsung Star 3G).All the rest of features are same as in the Samsung Star.The Samsung Star WiFi will be available in black, silver, pink and white colors.
Star WiFi
The detailed freatures of the new Samsung Star WiFi mobile phone are:

Samsung Star  WiFi -Samsung Star  WiFi - (1)

Samsung Star WiFiStar WiFi (1)

Price:The new Samsung Star WiFi S5230Wis available in India at price of Rs.8,300.


  1. i m intrested in startouch 2G and 3G and the corby. please let me know the prices for the above in mumbai. and also the cost of Star Wi-Fi

  2. i bought this phone in november,and m verry happy with this gives us a stylish look and has all the features that we require for a smart phone.

  3. I will rank this phone 9 out of 10. Music is not good. Body is not nice. It costs me 10,000 in saket mall new delhi.

  4. i want to know about phones music quality as good or not and what is the price and any other changes regard as the without wifi 3g star