Samsung has launched its new models of LCD monitors for computer PCs.The newly launched models are:

  • Samsung SyncMaster 2033SW – 20-inch widescreen LCD TFT Monitor
  • Samsung SyncMaster 2233SW – 21.5-inch widescreen LCD TFT Monitor
  • Samsung SyncMaster 2333SW – 23-inch widescreen LCD TFT Monitor

Samsung SyncMaster Price in India :

  • Samsung SyncMaster 2033SW price is Indian Rupee(INR) 6,900.
  • Samsung SyncMaster 2233SW price is Indian Rupee(INR) 9,900.
  • Samsung SyncMaster 2333SW price is Indian Rupee(INR)12,790.


  1. I GOT SYNCMASTER 2233 SW FOR RS. 10,100 . IM VERY HAPPY WITH ITS 720p/1080p HD Performance……….games r looking awesome on it…..its a decent buy at this price ,,,after all Im getting 1080p resolution at such a low price……….amazing ……

  2. Just got a Samsung 2033 Syncmaster from Cost to Cost Nehru Place, New Delhi

    Price – 7390/= with bill on 16th June 2009
    + DVI to DVI cable @ 400/=

    The prices will go down in two or three month due to tax cuts in budget 2009.

    So if you are not in a hurry … its better to wait for some time till the LCD costs drop.

  3. DVI-D is an input replacement for the Analog cable. With the analog cable you cannot get that much high resolution for which the monitor is manufactured. It is only possible with a DVI-D cable and to use the cable you should have a Discreet Graphics Card installed in your motherboard which is having the option to attach DVI-D cable which now a days most of the cards have already. So, before connecting the DVI cable make sure you are having a graphics card which has DVI input capability and can also support such a high resolution .. Otherwise its useless to go for DVI monitors and moreover, the clarity also becomes better with DVI input ..

  4. 2233 sw giving me good result.
    I got it for 10250/-
    Now I need to know the use of DVI-D. Please reply!!!!!

  5. Samsung 2233sw is grate result.

    In this low price your can not get 1920 * 1080 res. in others LCD.

    I brought 15 LCDs in Rs. 10,250/-