Sennheiser PC 300 G4ME

Ideal for gamers who travel, the Sennheiser PC 300 G4ME headset will help you sharpen your competitive edge. Thanks to a lightweight, in-ear design, it delivers the full Sennheiser audio experience in comfort – without any distracting background noise.

The new Sennheiser PC 300 G4ME Headset Features:

  • Quick and easy connectivity – simply insert the two 1/8” (3.5 mm.) plugs into a PC’s soundcard and start gaming!
  • Extremely portable, in-ear design delivers huge Sennheiser sound while suppressing distracting noise
  • High-quality integrated microphone picks up every word, so gamers can communicate with the team or chat with their friends
  • The supplied 6.5-foot extension cable makes it easy for gamers to plug in to rear-mounted PCI slot-style soundcards
  • In-line volume control
  • Flexible travel pouch protects the PC 300 and the extension cable while on-the-go
  • Includes 3 sizes of soft silicone ear sleeve for a perfect fit
  • Great for music and VoIP applications, too!

Delivery Includes

  • 6.5-foot extension cable
  • Flexible travel pouch
  • 3 sizes of soft silicone ear sleeves

Sennheiser PC 300 G4ME

Price:The new Sennheiser PC 300 G4ME Headset will cost around Rs.8,500 (US$170).