SMPS-Power Supply Unit-PSU Price List in India

CoolerMaster RS-380-PMSR eXtreme Power 380W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.1,500
CoolerMaster eXtreme Power 390 Watts eXtreme Power 390 Watts –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.1,400
CoolerMaster eXtreme Power 460 Watts eXtreme Power 460 Watts –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.2,000
CoolerMaster RS-500-PCAR eXtreme Power 500W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.2,200
CoolerMaster RP-600-PCAR eXtreme Power 600W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.2,700
CoolerMaster RP-650-PCAP eXtreme Power 650W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.4,400
CoolerMaster RS-500-ASAA iGreen 500W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.4,800
CoolerMaster RS-600-ASAA iGreen 600W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.6,500
CoolerMaster Real Power 550W Real Power 550W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.5,000
CoolerMaster Real Power Modular 520W Real Power Modular 520W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.5,000

CoolerMaster Real Power Modular 620W Real Power Modular 620W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.6,800
CoolerMaster Real Power Modular 700W Real Power Modular 700W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.7,900
CoolerMaster RS-850-EMBA Real Power Pro 850 –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.10,500
CoolerMaster Real Power Modular 850W Real Power Modular 850W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.11,800
CoolerMaster RS-1000EMBA Real Power Pro 1000 –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.13,500
Tagan TG600-U33 600W Power Supply –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.5,500
Tagan BZ400 400W Modular Power Supply –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.4,200
Tagan BZ500 500W Modular Power Supply –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.4,500
Tagan BZ600 600W Modular Power Supply –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.5,500
Tagan BZ700 700W Modular Power Supply –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.6,500
Tagan BZ800 800W Modular Power Supply –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.7,500
Tagan BZ1100 1100W Modular Power Supply –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.13,500
Tagan BZ1300 1300W Modular Power Supply –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.14,800
Corsair CMPSU450VX 450W Power Supply –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.3,000
Corsair CMPSU620HX 620W Power Supply –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.5,600
Corsair CMPSU650TX 650W Power Supply –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.5,400
Corsair CMPSU620HX 620W Power Supply –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.5,500

Corsair CMPSU750TX 750W Power Supply –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.6,800
Corsair CMPSU1000HX 1000W Power Supply –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.11,800
Antec EA 380 380W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.3,000
Antec Trio 550 550W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.4,900
Antec Trio 650 650W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.5,500
Antec TPQ-850 850W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.10,300
Antec TPQ-1000 1000W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.12,500
Power Safe 400W Silver 400W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.900
Power Safe 400W Gold 400W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.1,200
Power Safe 500W Silver 500W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.1,350
Power Safe 500W Gold 500W –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.2,200
Point of View Black Diamond 400W ATX 12V v2.2 and SLI ready –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.1,800
Point of View R-720167 Black Diamond 500W ATX 12V v2.2 and SLI ready –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.2,200
GlacialPower GP-PS550BP 550W , Passive PFC –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.3,400
Amigo AM-PS500AP 500 Watts –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.1,800


  1. latest price for cooler master PSU’s are –
    CM real power 650W – Rs 7200/-
    CM extreme power 600W – Rs 3900/-
    CM real power 500W – Rs 3200/-