All Sony Ericsson mobile phone fans had a common complain – the standard microSD card is not supported in their handset instead Sony’s own proprietary Memory Stick Micro format (or M2) is supported which is a bit costlier and comparatively less available.

All those guys can take sigh of relief now as it is known from sources that Sony is dumping its own Memory Stick Micro format (or M2) in favor of the decidedly more standard microSD for its handsets.

PS:Sony Ericsson decided earlier to join the emerging universal charger format (micro USB).


  1. Sony has not leant lessons since video betamax days all the microstck are failures all over.Sony has still bigger problem their battery drains a lot, their phones hangs a ;pt .they have to use brains to design better .Their cell phone was not upto the mark hence they bought ericsson name now having estab;lished in the cell phone business with ericsson name they tried to bring back sony phoe platforms with walkmans and becoming bigger failures hence closing most of their plants