Spice D-6666

The new Spice D-6666 is a flexi dual mobile i.e. the one of its kind phone that allows you to go Dual Mode the way you want (GSM/CDMA) or (GSM/GSM).

Besides this,the new Spice D-6666 offers you a whole lot of exciting features. Capture your favorite moments with its 2 MP Camera with flash and revisit them whenever you want on its Big Screen. It Big Memory (up to 4GB) allows you to store as many moments as you wish. But fun doesn’t stop here. Dance to your favorite tunes with its FM Record and MP3 Player.It also features Bluetooth.

The detailed features of the new Spice D-6666 mobile phone are:

Spice D-6666Spice D-6666 (1)Spice D-6666 (2)

Spice D-6666 Price : The new Spice D-6666 dual mode mobile is available in India at price of Rs.7,200.


  1. Spice D-6666 built is delicate. The rear cover makes a squeaking sound when pressing certain keys. The cover of handsfree button opened up during use and was required to be pressed after putting the speaker and button in their slots.

    Sound quality is good. GSM & CDMA (Tata) work alright together. Numbers can be dialed with ease with either simcards.

    GPRS works only with GSM. Websites can be surfed using Opera, however Opera loads pretty slowly initially. Surfing is easy with its 2.4″ screen. Java games / applications > 300 KB doesnot install. Once installed, they work fine. The music player is OK, but supports only 128 songs at a time. The FM player is good and songs can be recorded. 2 MP Camera gives average pictures.

    The interface is a little clumsy and lacks some of the required features.

    Battery lasts 1 day with GSM/CDMA active.

    Overall a reasonable phone at Rs. 7300/- & I am satisfied with the sound quality and ease of use with either sim cards. A longer Battery backup would have been a plus.

  2. Not a problem guys. Go ahead and buy it. You will not be depraved. But still, i want to give small information regarding this mobile. Please have a look.

    This mobile has got chinese looks. But, i am ok with this phone as it has got a unique feature(1 slot supports gsm/cdma). But, i am not happy with the user interface. It takes lot of steps to navigate to any of the functions/folders. I can find this mobiles software(Not sure of the hardware:)) quite similar to the china mobiles currently available in the market.

    Another problem is with the player is, it can’t load/refresh more than 60-70 songs to the players list. so, it’s of no use even if you have got 1gb full of songs in your memory card.

    Regarding battery, it’s fine as it gives me a continuous talk time of 2-3 hours and idle standby of 2 days.

    Camera is fine(No auto focus:))

    Card slots are very delicate. Must be careful while changing the sim/memory cards!?