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Samsung T220 is a  22-inch widescreen LCD monitor with an amazing 20,000:1 contrast ratio and 2ms response rate deliver sharp contrast and virtually no blurring when watching movies or playing video games.It supports 1680×1050(WSXGA+) resolution and 16.4 million colors.The Samsung T220 comes in Rose Black touch of colour™  .It has low power consumtion of 45W and the unique SoftPower off function lets you put the T220 in standby mode right away, using just 0.3 W of power.

The Samsung T220 LCD TFT Computer Monitor specifications are:

Price:The Samsung T220 LCD TFT Computer Monitor will cost around Indian Rupee(INR)15,900.

Samsung has launched its new 23.6-inch liquid crystal display fully HD “SyncMaster 2494HS” Computer PC Monitor.The SyncMaster 2494HS has:

  • 1920×1080 pixel resolution
  • 300cd/m2 brightness
  • vertical viewing angle of 160 degrees/170 degrees left and right
  • 5ms response time
  • 50000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • In-built stereo speakers (3W × 2ch)
  • DVI/VGA/HDMI inputs
  • 200×100mm VESA mount support

Price: The Samsung SyncMaster 2494HS LCD TFT Monitor will cost around Rs. 22,000

Dell has launched two new Widescreen Flat Panel Monitors with 1920×1080 pixels resolution :  Dell S2209W and Dell S2309W.Both the monitors features 300 cd/m² brightness and 1000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.Both has 16:9 aspect ratio displays and will be able to display High definition(HD) videos without the black-bars that generally comes with a 16:10 aspect ratio LCD monitors trying to fit the same clip.

The Dell S2209W is a 22-inch LCD widescreen monitor and Dell S2309W is a 23-inch LCD widescreen monitor.

The common features of both are:

  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 1920×1080 pixel resolution
  • 5ms Response Time
  • DVI-D,VGA Signal Input
  • 24-bit Color Support
  • 300 cd/m2 Image Brightness
  • 1000:1 Image Contrast Ratio

Price: The Dell S2209W will cost around Rs.12,500 , while the higher-end Dell S2309W will cost around Indian Rupee(INR)15,000.

LG has launched the new power-saving LCD TFT computer monitor series with 1680×1050 pixel resolution (WUXGA) at 60 Hz,16:10 Widescreen Aspect Ratio,and 5 ms Response Time.

The new models are:

  • LG M228WA 22-inch Widescreen LCD monitor — Indian Rupee(INR)17,900
  • LG W2242S 22-inch Widescreen LCD monitor — Indian Rupee(INR)15,900
  • LG W2252S 22-inch Widescreen LCD monitor — Indian Rupee(INR)14,400
  • LG W2252TE 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor — Indian Rupee(INR)13,000
  • LG W1952TE 19-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor — Indian Rupee(INR)10,800
LG W1952TE 19-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor -- Rs.10,800
LG W1952TE 19-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor -- Rs.10,800
LG W2252TE 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor -- 13,000
LG W2252TE 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor --Rs.13,000
LG W2252S 22-inch Widescreen LCD monitor -- 14,400
LG W2252S 22-inch Widescreen LCD monitor --Rs. 14,400
LG W2242S 22-inch Widescreen LCD monitor -- 15,900
LG W2242S 22-inch Widescreen LCD monitor -- Rs. 15,900
LG M228WA 22-inch Widescreen LCD monitor -- 17,900
LG M228WA 22-inch Widescreen LCD monitor --Rs. 17,900

Samsung has four models in the “Touch e” series :

  • Samsung 2243NWx
  • Samsung 2043NWx
  • Samsung 943NWx
  • Samsung 743NWx

The Samsung 2243NWx is a 22-inch LCD monitor with 1680 x 1050 pixel resolution.It has following main features:

  • Display
    • Screen Size       56cm (22) Wide
    • Resolution     1680 x 1050
    • Contrast Ratio     DC 8,000:1 (1,000:1)
    • Response time     5ms
    • Viewing Angle(Horizontal/Vertical)     170˚/160˚ (CR>10)
  • Power
    • Power Consumption     45 Watts
  • Features
    • Special Features     MagicBright3, Off timer, Image Size Colour Effect,Customised key, MagicWizard & MagicTune with AssetManagement, Windows Vista Basic, Safe Mode (DownScaling in UXGA)

Price:It is available at price of Indian Rupee(INR)14,900 in India.

ViewSonic has launched its new N2201w LCD TV – 22-inch LCD HDTV with DVD player.It has 1680×1050 pixel resolution,5ms response time, 1000:1 contrast ratio and a built-in digital TV tuner.The integrated DVD player,PC/Computer input to boot and HDMI port makes it a multi-functional device.It has Aspect Ratio of 16:9 and 75W power consumption.

Price:It will cost around Indian Rupee(INR)25,000.

632NW Myst

Samsung has two  Samsung Myst TFT LCD monitors : the 16-inch 632NW Myst  and the 17-inch 732NW Myst.Samsung Myst features MagicTune,Elastomer ball hinge,and MagicBright technologies.

Samsung Myst 632NW features:

Screen Size                 40.64cm (16)                            
Resolution                   1360 x 768                              
Brightness                     250cd/m²                                
Contrast Ratio            Static 500:1 (DC 2,000:1)             
Response time                 8ms                                           
Viewing Angle               90/65 (CR≥10)                          
Color Supported          16.7 Mil.                                       
Signal Input
Sync. Signal               Separate H/V,Composite,SOG    
Power Consumption      18 Watt                                      
Stand By Power (DPMS)   less than 1 watt
Special Feature        MagicTune, MagicBright    
Mac compatibility          Yes
Wall-Mount                    N/A
Product Dimension       382 x 308 x 159mm                     
Product Weight                   2.5Kg

732NW Myst

Samsung Myst 732NW Myst Features:

Screen Size                 43.18cm (17)
Resolution                   1440 x 900
Brightness                     250cd/㎡
Contrast Ratio             600:1
Response time                 8ms
Viewing Angle               160˚/160˚
Color Supported          16.2 Mil.
Signal Input
Sync. Signal                Separate H/V, Composite, SOG
Power Consumption     20 Watt (Max)
Special Feature          MagicTune, MagicBright, Narrow Bezel
Product Dimension       406 x 340 x 177mm
Product Weight             2.8Kg

Price and Availability: The Samsung Myst 632NW is available at price of Indian Rupee(INR)6,990 and the Samsung Myst 732NW is available at price of Indian Rupee(INR)7,990.

AOC has launched its new AOC V17 17-inch LCD monitor at affordable Price.It is a very slim model(just 12-millimeters thin) and has screen resolution of 1440×900 .Its more specs details are:

Price: It will be available at price of Indian Rupee(INR)10,000by end of 2008.

Samsung has launched it’s new refreshing 22-inch LCD Monitors,Samsung SyncMaster 2243Hz and Samsung SyncMaster  2233Hz .Both have 1680 x 1050 resolutions display,30000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 9ms response times. Both LCD Monitors also feature Samsung’s new Enhanced MPAII technology which reduces the response time. They have DVI plugs with HDCP. The only difference seems to be between the two is four USB plugs on the 2243Hz and two USB plugs on the 2233Hz, plus MagicRotation for pivoting the display in the 2243Hz.

The 2233Hz is built for the home usage and has the same glossy, wineglass look of its modern HDTV range.The 2243Hz is more business-like with a simpler matte-finish design .Price and availability details of the both have not been announced yet.

BenQ has launched two G-series 22-inch G2200WT and 24-inch G2400WT LCD monitors with fully adjustable displays.You can rotate them 90-degrees for tall portrait resolutions.They can also moved about 5.1-inch upwards.Both can be spinned sideways to show content to those nearby and tilts back and forward for all the ideal viewing angles.Both has vivid display with dynamic contrast ratios of 2500:1 (for 22-inch G2200WT) and 4000:1 for 24-inch (G2400WT). Both have the DVI and VGA video input ports and the G2400WThas an HDMI input and a headphone port for audio.

Price: The expected price in Indian Rupees(INR) is Rs.17,000 for G2200WT and Rs.26,000 for  G2400WT.They are initially released in U.K.


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