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Motorola Mobile Price in India – Motorola Mobile Price List India

Motorola Mobile Prices in India – Latest Motorola Mobile Price list

  • Motorola MILESTONE XT720 mobile price – Rs.27,000
  • Motorola Milestone mobile price – Rs.24,000
  • Motorola Backflip mobile price – Rs.19,000
  • Motorola ZN300 mobile price – Rs.6,923
  • Motorola W160 mobile price – Rs.1,153
  • Motorola W156 mobile price – Rs.1,038
  • Motorola Aura mobile price – Rs.100,962
  • Motorola W396 mobile price – Rs.3,749
  • Motorola Em325 mobile price – Rs.2,692
  • Motorola RIZR Z3 Premium mobile price – Rs.9,759
  • Motorola ZN5 mobile price – Rs.15,480
  • Motorola A1600 mobile price – Rs.13,942
  • Motorola ZN200 mobile price – Rs.5,865
  • Motorola W388 mobile price – Rs.2,403
  • Motorola EM30 mobile price – Rs.4,807
  • Motorola A810 mobile price – Rs.4,327
  • Motorola W220 mobile price – Rs.2,663
  • Motorola C257 mobile price – Rs.3,288
  • Motorola RAZR V3 mobile price – Rs.4,826
  • Motorola L7i mobile price – Rs.5,673
  • Motorola RAZR V3i mobile price – Rs.7,249
  • Motorola W215 mobile price – Rs.2,124
  • Motorola Rokr E6 mobile price – Rs.5,769
  • Motorola L9 mobile price – Rs.3,846
  • Motorola RAZR maxx V6 mobile price – Rs.12,817
  • Motorola Q8 mobile price – Rs.5,499
  • Motorola U9 mobile price – Rs.6,596
  • Motorola Q9h mobile price – Rs.17,249
  • Motorola Razr2 V9 mobile price – Rs.19,221
  • Motorola W209 mobile price – Rs.1,778
  • Motorola Krzr K1 obile price – Rs.4,730
  • Motofone F3 mobile price – Rs.1,499
  • Motorola C168 mobile price – Rs.1,798
  • Motorola C139 mobile price – Rs.1,874
  • Motorola C118 mobile price – Rs.1,480
  • Motorola C113 mobile price – Rs.1,442
  • Motorola W375 mobile price – Rs.1,769
  • Motorola Razr2 V8 mobile price – Rs.10,355
  • Motorola A1200 mobile price – Rs.9,855
  • Motorola Rokr E8 mobile price – Rs.5,769
  • Motorola L7 mobile price – Rs.4,932
  • Motorola L6i mobile price – Rs.2,413
  • Motorola w180 mobile price – Rs.1,673
  • Motorola w218 mobile price – Rs.3,701
  • Motorola w230 mobile price – Rs.1,923
  • Motorola w270 mobile price – Rs.2,961
  • Motorola C140 mobile price – Rs.942
  • Motorola W181 mobile price – Rs.1,528
  • Motorola Z6 mobile price – Rs.4,730


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