Top 10 mobile phones in India – December 2016 (prices updated daily) . Here you will find Top 10 High-end smartphones , Top 10 mid-range smartphones , and Top affordable price mobile phones . This is a manual listing and not automated listing like most of the other websites, so expect well-chosen smartphones in the listing. In some listings, 2-3 extra smartphones are listed when the competition is high in that price range.

Top High-end Smartphones (above Rs.30,000)

Top 10 Upper-Mid range smartphones (Above Rs.20,000 – Under Rs.30,000)

Top 10 Mid range smartphones (Above Rs.10,000 – Under Rs.20,000)

Top 10 Affordable Price Smartphones (Above Rs.5,000 – Under Rs.10,000)

Top 10 Smartphones Under Rs.5000

Top 10 Feature Phones in India (non-touchscreen)


  1. Oye., dont love any mobile too much because it can hurt u a lot. take many duplicate mobiles can fraud u with companies manufacturing deceration.take care to all of my india people.i would like to buy N73 MUSIC.

  2. N 82 is the best value for money smart phone in the world now it have a real power of communication when other pricey phone dont show any network it can able to make your call or trasfer your data without any problem can anyone tell about average price of n 82 to the end of month of august 2009

  3. N97 at 22,000 only all inclusive

    Go for it

    Wide TFT screen with touch and qwert keyboard

    good processor and memory 32GB

  4. Nice compilation. I think you should have included samsung metro in this list. Just a suggestion. Instead of just putting a list there you should also list the pro’s n cons of the mobiles. That would be more helpful. Cheers.

  5. dont publish nokia 5800 because it has lot of complaints.still it is not solved. nokia is struggle to get touch screen os. s60 os is best for non touch screen phones.