Windows 7 pricing details and upgrade options have been announced.Now there is question in everyone’s mind that are they eligible to upgrade their laptop/PC to Windows 7?

Since the Windows 7 release date is 22 October 2009 ,what of they have to buy a laptop/PC before that?Will they be elligible to upgrade their  OS (XP/Vista) ,which will come with their new  laptop/PC to the Windows 7 , when it is released.

Here are the few answers about all such queries :

  • If you have purchased or will purchase a Windows XP machine,then you can not upgrade to the Windows 7.
  • A single person can upgrade only 25 licenses of Windows 7.
  • The upgrade offer is not applicable only to those who have purchased their PCs after June 26, 2009 till January 31, 2010.
  • Windows 7 RC1 is a trial version,so no upgrade option fot the users who are currently using it.The trial version can be used till June 2010.
  • Windows Vista Home Premium can be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium,Vista Business can be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional and the Vista Ultimate can be upgraded to and Windows 7 Ultimate.

Microsoft Windows 7 will start shipping in PCs from October 22,2009.All the major PC companies (Acer,HP,Dell,Lenovo,Sony,Toshiba,ASUS) will bring their all or selected Laptop/PCs preloaded with Windows 7 from October 22,2009.